The Resolution Revolt

The Resolution Revolt - Coco & Wolf

With January usually comes an infectious positivity, an unspoken motivation and an opportunity for re-evaluation which naturally leads to us considering what the year ahead looks like and how we can make it better than the one before. For far too long this is where new year’s resolutions have come in. An almost audible sigh can be heard at the very mention of them, so why, in 2021 are so many people still making them? I’m here to stage a resolution revolt and give you an idea for how to channel that positive January mindset into something far more important. 

Resolutions almost always focus on the negative. Things we would like to change about ourselves, things we wish we did less of, things we want to give up. We convince ourselves that in doing this we’ll somehow become a better version of ourselves. They are steeped in pressure and come the middle of February we end up feeling altogether downcast when the wine is back in hand, we’ve not walked 12k steps every day and the teach yourself Spanish book is buried deep under the latest issues of Vogue. It’s 2021, we’re in the middle of the pandemic and quite frankly all of us have had to give up enough and endure enough in the last 12 months to last a lifetime. So, what would happen if we shifted this entire mindset on its head, and rooted our intention for the year ahead in positivity?

Rather than take the old-school resolution road of concentrating either entirely on the past or too far into the future, we’re encouraging you to stay right here in the present. Focus on what brings you joy and gives you purpose and carve that into your everyday. Cultivate your own happiness and remember, it isn’t about an end goal. My intention for the year ahead is to prioritise my own creativity. I know this not only makes me happy, but gives my mind a much needed break from the chaos we currently find ourselves in. Rather than giving myself an unrealistic goal of learning a new skill or finding an hour every week to practice something, I’m quietly but consciously saying yes to creative opportunities and if I find myself with some time to spare (we can but dream) rather than reach for the hoover I’m pulling out a notepad or taking a walk with my camera. And frankly, this intention has made me feel excitement and promise in a way which no resolution has ever brought. 

What are your intentions for the year ahead? Have you decided to ditch the resolutions in favour of something more positive? We’d love to hear about them below. 

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    Rose Channon: January 12, 2021

    Yes to all of this Amy! Evie was asking me about resolutions and I was trying to explain everything you’ve said – we don’t need to set ourselves up for failure, just do more of what makes us happy x

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