Coco & Wolf latest collection, An Artful Utopia

Coco & Wolf latest collection, An Artful Utopia


We’re in that beautiful primaveral season, sitting right on the cusp of winter and spring, where the feeling of sun on our faces is juxtaposed by the lingering chill in the air. And while it feels we’re teetering on the edge of something glorious in nature, the best of the season has already arrived at Coco & Wolf with our latest collection, An Artful Utopia.

Inspired by the clean and modern design of Miami interiors, our latest collection has been styled to allow the Liberty fabric pieces become the stars of the show. The antithesis to last year’s viral Cottagecore, here sleek architectural details are softened by light-bouncing fabrics and ruffle edges across cushions and bedding, while the contrasting shapes create textural depth and visual vibrance.


An Artful Utopia, a celebration of simple, striking silhouettes and styling.

The common interest we all have, as a worldwide collective of print lovers, is Liberty’s artful Tana Lawns® and Silks. Throughout An Artful Utopia these fabrics are celebrated with abandon. We implore you to create impactful and modern blocks of colour and simple, striking silhouettes with crisp beds and pared back styling. Coco & Wolf understand you want your home to feel luxurious and serene despite having to be a functional space and this collection has been designed to effortlessly support that. 


New season collection, An Artful Utopia


Elegant homewares made with Liberty fabrics are a welcome addition to any home and, despite maximalism having a special place in our hearts, the calming and liberating effects of embracing these pieces within a more minimal design are undeniable. 


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