New Season Spring Summer Prints

New Season Spring Summer Prints - Coco & Wolf


Each season, perhaps one of the most exciting things of all, is unveiling the brand-new prints which we will use throughout the season. These luxurious designs on a variety of Liberty fabric bases are all a visual delight and sing across Coco & Wolf's bedding, table linen and homewares - perfect for adding to your curated home. Each print is carefully considered and selected to work harmoniously, with both the other designs of the season, and previous years' fabrics, so over time you can build beautiful collections which are ever-evolving and always delightful.

While previous collections have seen intricate florals alongside art nouveau designs and large-scale botanicals mixed with conversational prints, this season we’re beyond excited to be able to add stripes to the mix. The perfect partner to any quintessential Liberty floral, pairing prints becomes more effective (and easier!) when a stripe comes into play. For Spring Summer, as well as Elements, Liberty’s interpretation of traditional pinstripe featuring hand-painted lines, we also have Archive Swatch, an incredible, variegated stripe design with contrasting colours which we’re all obsessed with.

Let these designs inspire and delight you and don’t forget to let us know which are your new favourites. Are you as excited as us about the stripes? 


Spring Summer | New Season Prints



New season Liberty fabrics for Spring Summer

Linen Garden

Originally painted along a length of natural linen with texture added from layers of thickly applied gouache paint. Linen Garden is a riot of flora, including poppies, calendula, flax, wallflowers, columbine, mallow, harebells, campion, pimpernel, wall lettuce and clover.



Considered to be Liberty’s most iconic Art Nouveau design, Ianthe was originally created as a wallpaper layout by French artist R. Beauclair in c.1902. It was reworked for Liberty by the Haward Studio in 1967, and has appeared in a multitude of different designs and styles ever since. This season we’re introducing Ianthe in white, a must-have neutral which celebrates the shapes within the design. 


Betsy Candy Floss

One of the most beloved Liberty designs of all time, Betsy is a small stylised floral, created in 1933 by the artist known only as D.S., who was also behind many other classic Liberty prints. Betsy joined the Classic Collection in 1982, cementing its position as one of Liberty’s heritage designs. Coco & Wolf’s exclusive Candy Floss Betsy has a cheerful and nostalgic colour palette, combining a metallic blue flower alongside hints of lemon, rich teal, candy floss pink and pops of cherry. 


Betsy Sunflower

Another exclusive rework of Liberty’s iconic Betsy design, this sunflower inspired design is joyful and calming, yet full of optimism. Warm yellow meets flirty tones of peachy pink and coral, with a beautiful lift from contrasting sky blue and emerald green to create a bright and breezy print which will have you skipping in to spring. 



Elements is Liberty’s interpretation of traditional pinstripe – featuring hand-painted lines to create a fabric with both movement and geometry. This season we’re using the Pink, Blue and Green colour ways to complement the florals so synonymous with Liberty fabric. 



Clementina is an archival classic originally dating from the height of Liberty Fabrics’ iconic Art Nouveau period in the early 1900s. The rescaled and recoloured iteration features a meadow arrangement of elegant poppies, surrounded by curling leaves and grass.



Inspired by a plethora of hollyhocks found in a typical English cottage garden, these soft watercolour studies create a dreamy all-over pattern filled with gentle nuances of light and shadow. This iconic English garden flower captures a sense of innocence, purity, and calm. 


Mitsi Valeria

Mitsi Valeria is a small version of the Liberty Fabrics design Mitsi. The original was created by Gillian Farr, a studio member in the 1950s. We’re using it in Blue and Pink throughout our Spring Summer collection.


Paysanne Blossom

Juicy strawberries are scattered amongst delicate blossom flowers, in this refreshingly sweet and fruity botanical. Originally created for Liberty in 1938, Paysanne Blossom celebrates those warm sunny days that signal the beginning of summer. 



First printed by Liberty Fabrics in 1978, Capel was inspired by a vintage style of Liberty floral dating from the 1930s. A small, loosely-drawn design with an all-over repeat, it has been part of the Classics collection since 1993. The Fuschia and exclusive Pistachio both feature in our Spring Summer collection.


Moon Flower

The Moon Flower, which blooms once a year for just a few hours, sits amongst various other rare flowers in a repeat reminiscent of the Arts & Crafts style which is so integral to Liberty.


Archive Swatch

Inspired by the luminous shades of Liberty’s early Art Silks from the 1880s, Archive Swatch captures a spectrum of hypnotic stripes and tactile textures. Calm yet contrasting, its planes of colour explore spatial relationships through the illusion of optical vibrations. 


Astrid Neva

Selected from the archive thanks to its charming illustration of bluebells, this design was first created and printed for Liberty in 1965. Miniature berries, leaves, roses, tulips, daisies and morning glory flowers are densely packed together, appearing like twinkling jewels strewn across the fabric.


Strawberry Thief

A perennial Liberty favourite since 1979, this classic Arts and Crafts design was originally created by William Morris in 1883. Liberty Fabrics first produced Strawberry Thief as a furnishing fabric in 1979 and it has since been redrawn for Tana Lawn on a smaller scale. 


Betsy Sage

A bespoke recolouring, exclusively developed for Coco & Wolf’s 10th Anniversary Collection, this update to the ever-versatile Betsy features pineapple yellow, sage and powder blue with pops of burnt orange and coral to create a vibrant and harmonious print. 



Libby is a layout of dense, simplified daisies, drawn with a very fine outline. Originally hand painted during the 1930s and printed at Liberty’s Merton print works, this all-over repeat pattern pays homage to the most quintessential Liberty floral style.



Spring Summer | New Season Silks

New season Silk Liberty prints for Spring Summer


Megumi Floral

A glorious celebration of spring, delicately drawn wildflower trails seem to dance and glide gracefully in this detailed botanical display.


Strawberry Thief

This original Arts and Crafts William Morris design is such a favourite we’ve used it across Silk as well as Tana Lawn this season. Featuring birds and foliage inspired by Morris’ Kelmscott Manner home, this design truly comes to life on the elegant, luminous silk satin. 



Mitsi was designed by Gillian Farr, a member of the Liberty Fabrics studio in the 1950s. It pays homage to Liberty’s historical love for Japanese design motifs, featuring delicate cherry blossom.



Jannah is an intricate floral conversational design – based on an undated artwork from the Liberty archive, it features an array of Asian-inspired blooms and striking exotic birds, perched among decadently trailing branches.


Royal Hera

Credited to an 1887 design by Arthur Silver, founder of the Silver Studio, Liberty’s renowned Hera print has been a favourite since the mid-1890s when it was first printed as a furnishing fabric. A joyous celebration of the magnificent peacock feather, Royal Hera has been redesigned into an intricate, larger-scale composition, and hued in a range of complementary colourways.


Nouveau Ianthe

Nouveau Ianthe is a monochromatic, tonal version of Liberty’s famous Art Nouveau icon, Ianthe. Originally created as a wallpaper design by French artist René Beauclair around 1902, it was reworked by Liberty in 1967, and has since appeared in a variety of different products, layouts and colour variations.


Ophelia’s Silhouette

This silhouette is created using the florals from Liberty’s Ophelia print, with a conventionally printed design featuring outlines of buttercups, forget-me-nots, poppies, irises, violets and daisies.


Prospect Place

Reimagined as a large-scale version of Prospect Road, this brand-new pattern celebrates bold silhouettes and rich colour palettes. Originally created in 1968 by famed British designer - and then Liberty design director - Bernard Nevill, Prospect Place is a revival of traditional Art Nouveau style landscape prints that feature subtly arranged clusters of trees in a dreamy, jewel-toned setting.



The Heidi print draws inspiration from the fresh blooms of mountain flora, its feminine and youthful forms shimmering with Alpine cool. Traditional hand-painted flowers evoke the chaotic beauty of mountain meadows.


Moon Flower

The Moon Flower, which blooms once a year for just a few hours, sits amongst various other rare flowers in a repeat reminiscent of the Arts & Crafts style which is so integral to Liberty.



Originally created in 1865, this painterly floral is an exquisite rendition, highlighting the diversity and dramatic display of botany.


Mabelle Hall

Mabelle Hall is a new take on its namesake, Mabelle – created in 2007, it offers a twist on Liberty’s archival Tree of Life designs with its bursting cornucopia of psychedelia-tinged florals.

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