A New Generation of Heirloom

A New Generation of Heirloom - Coco & Wolf

We live in a disposable culture, and whilst in recent times there has been an uprising which challenges this, there’s no denying that still most of what we own, from clothes to coffee cups lasts weeks or years, not generations. As a brand, we champion the creation of pieces with intentionality, which ensures they live on for generations to come. It's our duty not to add to a throwaway society. 

Each Coco & Wolf piece is designed with you in mind, curated and crafted to become part of your story. Our team put care into every single handmade piece, from beautiful bedding to baby blankets, so what you receive is not just a product, but a new generation of heirloom, made to last and be passed down along with cherished trinkets and heartwarming stories. 

heirloom [ air-loom ] noun
a valuable object that has been given by older members of a family to young members of the same family over many years.

Rolls of Liberty fabric used by Coco & Wolf to create heirloom worthy products.

One thing that we would like our beloved customers to remember though, is whilst the dictionary defines an heirlooms as “a valuable object” we firmly believe it’s not about the monetary value. It’s certainly about craftsmanship, but what could be more valuable than pieces with stories and memories? Sometimes the most treasured of possessions can be things which may otherwise be deemed fairly unremarkable. It’s how much they are loved that counts. 

We would love to know about the pieces you have earmarked for future generations, or pieces which have been handed down to you that you now cherish. I sincerely hope that one day the Liberty fabric heirloom quilt on my daughter's bed will be used for my grandchildren, tucking them in after bedtime stories of adventure to far flung places and flourishing friendship. Tell us your stories in the comments below.

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