An Artful Utopia | New Season Prints

An Artful Utopia | New Season Prints


This season's prints are an unapologetic celebration of spring. Curated to add textural depth and visual vibrance to any scheme, the Liberty fabrics are the star of the show, given space to shine by simple, pared back styling. Sleek and modern interiors are softened by light-bouncing fabrics and ruffle edges across cushions and bedding while modern colour blocks are created using pops of citrus and blue. 

An Artful Utopia is a masterclass in spring florals; reimagined simple monochromes and ditsy flower clusters sit beside meadow-inspired prints, highly detailed watercolour florals and dense and detailed designs. Luxurious pieces in these stunning Liberty fabrics leave little doubt that spring is on its way. Let’s get to know them!


An Artful Utopia | New Season Prints

Spring Summer New Season Prints


Alice W

Created in the Liberty studio to celebrate 150 years of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for the seasonal Spring Summer 2015 collection, Alice W is loosely inspired by an archival 1936 print by the enigmatic Liberty designer DS. Look closely between the daisies to discover tiny playing card symbols, formed into a unique sub pattern.


Betsy Boo Breeze / Bubblegum / Butterscotch

A fresh take on Betsy, this versatile design has been reimagined as a simple monochrome with a loosely drawn fine outline creating softer silhouettes.


Betsy Citrus / Deep Pink / Powder Purple

Betsy is a small stylised floral design, created in 1933 – it was designed by the mysterious ‘DS’, who also created many other favourite Tana Lawn® prints. 


Capel Pepper

The bright and delicate flowers of Capel are beautifully complemented by the dense and speckled nature of Pepper, in this harmonious synthesis of two popular Liberty Classics.


Capel Blue

Inspired by a style of Liberty florals dating from the 1930s, Capel joined Liberty Fabrics’ Classics collection in 1979. 


Ditsy Dot Blue

Tiny flowers cluster in large polka dot shapes to create this multidirectional ditsy design, inspired by land art sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. 


Donna Leigh Green

Donna Leigh was inspired by a design by William Kilburn dating from the late 1700s. During this period Kilburn produced many designs for muslin, often with dark, rich grounds and contrasting flowers – this print reflects his signature aesthetic, with its hand-painted watercolour flowers on a dark ground.



Considered to be Liberty’s most iconic Art Nouveau design, Ianthe was originally created as a wallpaper layout by French artist R. Beauclair in c.1902. It was reworked for Liberty by the Haward Studio in 1967, and has appeared in a multitude of different designs and styles ever since.


June’s Meadow

June’s Meadow was originally hand drawn in pencil by the Liberty Fabrics design team on Tresco, in the Isles of Scilly – it is formed by a meadow of cut specimens from the Abbey Garden.



Lodden is one of the great historical Arts and Crafts textile designs. Originally designed by William Morris in 1884, it joined the classic Tana range in 2011.



Inspired by an artwork originally created in 1969, this haven of field flowers gives the impression of a windswept meadow, capturing nature’s beautifully organised chaos.


Michelle Mustard

Michelle is a 1930s floral developed from a design in the Liberty archive dating from 1933. It was created by D.S., the same artist who created Betsy and Wiltshire – two other iconic Liberty Fabrics prints.



Rachel was inspired by a Liberty London furnishing fabric called Sedgemere, originally designed in 1988. It features hand painted botanical flowers, nestled among lush green foliage.


Spring Blooms Blue / Pink

Celebrating the arrival of spring, watercolour paint and pencil were combined to capture the highly detailed florals in Spring Blooms.


Thorpe Hill

Thorpe Hill is a small-scale version of the much-loved Liberty classic Thorpe. Originally created in 1968, this dense and detailed floral was one of the designs included in Liberty’s first ever Classics collection of 1979.


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