Inspiring Interiors: Hayley Stuart

In these uncertain and unsettling times we've already witnessed people's need for a momentary escape; a creative outlet, meditation, a peaceful cup of tea in a sunny spot. At Coco & Wolf we have long planned a series which showcases some of our favourite interiors and the inspiring people behind them, but now more than ever, we hope these provide you with a chance to relax and be inspired by these beautiful homes.

Today we're chatting to Hayley Stuart, award winning interiors blogger, whose bohemian style and DIY projects are both inspiring and achievable. Her blog, I Am Hayley Stuart, is one of our "must-reads" and we think you'll be adding it to your favourites by the end of this, too! 

Your bohemian home inspires over 30,000 followers on Instagram and your personality shines through. How do you feel you’ve achieved that in a rented home?

We are extremely lucky to live in a house run by a farm estate so they’re not too precious about people making changes providing they are making improvements. If I had my way we’d have a huge kitchen extension but I also have to remember it’s not actual our house even though it does feel like it is. I love refreshing our decor, it brings me joy and doesn’t allow me to get bored of living here.

We absolutely LOVE your use of colour throughout your home, are there any colours you always gravitate towards?
I think my use of colour adapts and changes all the time but I have always been drawn to pinks and greens I guess. I love all the Earth tones that are on trend at the moment and feel like it’s allowed people to explore colours they might not have typically gone for like brown and rust red. 
Where did your love for interiors stem from?
I’ve always been creative but was unsure how to channel it until we moved in to this house over 6 years ago. I was on maternity leave and needed to do something other than being a mum which is when I started my Instagram and blog. I’ve learned a lot and feel like I’ve found my calling, It’s changed my life to be honest. 
Hayley Stuart Inspiring Interiors
At Coco & Wolf we encourage people to create an oasis in their outdoor spaces and many of our pieces are designed to work just as well in gardens and on balconies as in bedrooms and living rooms. How have you used interior design to create your own outdoor oasis?
Ha ha, well you could say that! Last Spring I decided to stencil all of the slabs in our garden and it all went a bit crazy over on social media when I revealed it! Our garden was not desirable at all but after a lot of hard work and creativity it became beautiful and I’m so proud of myself! 
Finally, tell us the last thing you bought for your home?
The last thing I bought was a new mustard sofa which my whole family LOVE! I’m working on our living room refresh at the moment and the new sofa was a large addition to the rooms new scheme.

You can see more of Hayley's gorgeous home on her Instagram and like the rest of her family, we too are obsessed with that mustard sofa!

In the coming weeks and months our already incredibly important homes will represent safety, security and unity. We will continue to introduce you some of our favourite inspiring interiors and the people behind them to give you ideas for your spaces and some escapism, if you need it. Sending everyone heaps of love x

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