The Perfect Picnic

Sound the klaxon! With the summer solstice has come a heatwave and there’s only one way to enjoy food when the sun is shining - outside, under bright blue skies with a good old-fashioned picnic. Here at Coco & Wolf we know only too well how the charm of a picnic can quickly go downhill when the wine gets warm and the chocolate rice krispy cakes start melting in little warm hands. So, whilst we are purveyors of the perfect picnic we also believe in keeping things simple.


We often think of the most romantic of settings for picnics; beside babbling brooks, in the dappled shade of a big oak tree, a secluded cove… and whilst we absolutely LOVE seeking out a beautiful spot, we also believe creating the perfect picnic a little closer to home has its advantages. Using your own garden means squishy pillows can be easily transported for the ultimate in outdoor feasting comfort, and your elderflower fizz is still cold from the fridge. There’s no long journey home to contend with either so you can linger outdoors for a little longer. For special occasions surprise your nearest and dearest with generously laden picnic baskets, cotton bunting and our beautiful Liberty fabric picnic blankets.

The perfect picnic setting made with Liberty fabric blankets, cushions and bunting.Photography Emma Gusgott | Styling & AD Emily Rickard


Classic picnic food tastes better when it hasn’t been sweating in clingfilm, it’s a fact. If our spread is homemade we like to wrap our sandwiches in beeswax wraps, homemade quiches in parchment paper and Victoria sponge is served out of the hand-me down cake tin. For the drink you can’t beat a delicious summer berry cordial and because my Granny always did things the right way - don’t forget a wide necked thermos filled with ice. 


Picnics should be long, leisurely and comfortable. I think we’ve all probably spent an hour or two sat with stones, pine cones and sticks beneath us at some point and it lacks a little...charm. Ground clearing is easily turned into a race for little people, the perfect pre-picnic energy user. Then we like to pile up our blankets with cushions and throws, and on special occasions we string up the bunting too. If you’ve gone to the hassle of creating a beautiful spread of homemade treats (or M&S’s finest) and there’s not so much of an arduous journey involved, you can honour the feast with proper crockery, cutlery and glasses safely nestled in napkins. We pop all the food in one picnic basket and then another for everything else.

coco and wolf picnic blankets made with liberty fabric


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