Our Favourite Seasonal Traditions

Our Favourite Seasonal Traditions - Coco & Wolf

This time of year evokes such feeling of nostalgia and joy and so much a part of that is due to the seasonal traditions we uphold. Some passed down through generations and others created in more recent times but all held close to our hearts and full of Christmas spirit. The countdown to the big day is made all the more magical thanks to these memories, and nothing warms the heart quite like hearing about the moments which bring others joy, so today we’re sharing our team’s favourite seasonal, timeless traditions and encouraging you to share yours too. You may even discover some new yuletide rituals you would like to incorporate into your own family’s traditions. We personally love the simple, slow traditions which offer a little escape from the most wonderful, but often exhausting, time of the year. 


"Whilst pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I had a discussion about our happiest Christmas memories and traditions in the hope of deciding which we would choose to continue and build upon with our own growing family.  One of the traditions we decided to carry on was from one from my own childhood called, “The Pillowcase”. As a child, all presents were delivered by Father Christmas. They were never found under the tree but rather in the pillowcases we had each left at the foot of our bed, ready to be filled by the big man himself, while we were sleeping soundly. I remember so fondly the excitement upon waking on Christmas morning to discover a pillowcase brimming with presents and sweet treats and I’m so thrilled that my own children now get to experience that same magical moment." - Amy, Coco & Wolf Founder

"Like most, our family Christmases have changed slightly over the years but my favourite traditions is one from my childhood which always brings back fond memories. On Christmas Eve my family and I would all go to my gran’s house where friends and family would gather for the evening. The adults would mingle and catch up, telling tales of things which had happened over the year. I remember loving the atmosphere and it feeling so Christmassy and exciting. Everyone being together, the food (the sausage rolls in particular!), the Christmas tree all lit up in the corner and everyone full of festive spirit. 

We would then come home and my parents would help my brother and I set up food beside the fireplace for Father Christmas and his reindeers, usually a mince pie, a carrot and a few Quality Street chocolates. We would get our stockings ready and put them at the bottom of our beds before getting into our pyjamas ready for our yearly read of The Night Before Christmas story. My dad’s over the top Ho Ho Hos were always the best bit!" - Jessica, Lead Studio Assistant

"I remember so fondly the excitement upon waking on Christmas morning to discover a pillowcase brimming with presents and sweet treats and I’m so thrilled that my own children now get to experience that same magical moment." 

Christmas traditions with Coco & Wolf


"I like to think that Christmas traditions aren’t always passed down through generations but are also the new customs and behaviours that we find ourselves repeatedly doing and enjoying. During my daughter’s first year of school she attended a school fair and bought me a beautiful glittery candle set in a floral centre piece. At age 5 she was so incredibly proud to present me with the item she had chosen all by herself. It became known as “the Christmas candle” and every year she insists that it comes out to adorn our dining table, but it can’t be lit until Christmas lunch is served. Even now, 10 years later, we still use it. Of course the candle is a lot shorter now!

A new tradition that we have only recently started is to fill a Christmas stocking for the dog. The children don’t like to think of her being left out of the fun of unwrapping gifts, as she is very much a part of the family. She even has her own Christmas jumper!" - Paula, Studio Manager

"As the time when all of the family comes together, Christmas has always been a big deal in our house. As I’ve got older, my Christmas traditions have evolved and changed but the most vivid childhood family tradition was writing a letter to Santa asking for all the things I wanted that year. It was preceded by me flicking through the Argos catalogue and the letter itself always began with “Please may I have….”

Decorating the house and Christmas tree has always been a whole day event in my family. We have a lot of precious Christmas decorations which spark real joy when we bring them out year after year! When I was younger I would receive a porcelain ballerina decoration every year and bringing them all out now feels so nostalgic. 

Finally, my most recent Christmas tradition is going to my local pub on Christmas Eve with all my friends from home. My entire school year usually ends up there so it becomes a big, school reunion sprinkled with some festive magic. For me, the best thing about Christmas has always been and will always be spending time with friends and family more than anything." - Emma, Admin Assistant

We would absolutely love for you to share some of your favourite Christmas traditions or any new ones you're considering adding?



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