A Fresh Take on January Blues

A Fresh Take on January Blues - Coco & Wolf


Despite only being a couple of weeks ago, Christmas and the festive season now feels like a distant memory while the world seemingly basks in a new year haze of positive affirmations and resolution-making. If previous years are anything to go by, however, it won’t be long before the phrase January blues starts being batted around again and we’re all told we are probably feeling in a post-festive slump, missing the twinkling lights and gathering of loved ones. Frankly, the juxtaposition of these should-be feelings can be a little confusing. 

It may be a new calendar year but midwinter means we’re in the midst of hibernation season. Spring with its natural sense of new beginnings is still a while away and so any impulse for change or regeneration feels a little premature. Instead, we encourage you to embrace the slow season. Find the glimmers; tiny moments of awe which spark joy or evoke inner calm. These micro-moments cause mood shifts, sending cues of safety to our nervous system and bringing a feeling of ease and contentment. Today’s glimmer is turning the phrase January Blues on its head and declaring that the only blues you need this January are Liberty’s. 


Beautiful January Blues

Our long-standing love affair with Liberty fabrics really took off when we realised there truly is a print for everyone. Lining the walls of the famous haberdashery department was everything from painterly florals and art nouveau landscapes to vibrant paisleys and bold geometrics, all in a riotous display of colour. Fast forward ten years and we’ve come to learn that there are some colours our customers will always embrace with little encouragement, perhaps most notably blue!


A New Take on January Blues


As the colour of the sky and sea, blue has been a ceaseless source of inspiration and symbolism throughout history and across cultures. It is a non-aggressive colour that encourages serenity and tranquillity and is often described as peaceful and orderly. Blue has even been proven to boost productivity and creativity, meaning it works perfectly in a home office as well as to promote serene slumbers in a bedroom. January blues as a feeling? Not on our watch. January blues woven into your home in the form of Liberty homewares? Yes, please!


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Will you be adding blue Liberty fabrics to your home this year? Are you too turning your back on the notion of January blues and instead looking for the glimmers? 

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