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Luxury Stocking Fillers - Coco & Wolf


As November now has us firmly in her wintry clutch it finally feels acceptable to start talking about the C word. We’re big believers in getting ahead of the game when it comes to Christmas, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the lead up rather than any frantic rushing around (although there’s always a smidge of that in even the most organised household), and part of that is, of course, ticking off the shopping list. 

Today we’re delving into stockings and more specifically what to fill them with. Rather controversially, we prefer shopping for stocking fillers over big-ticket items. There’s just something so magical about a stocking, perhaps derived from that childhood excitement of rushing downstairs on Christmas morning to see what the big man has left and at Christmas, you simply have to embrace the magic wherever it can be found. We’re sure you’ll have plenty of ideas for filling the children’s stockings (hello wind-up music boxes, toy mice, sweet treats and the most beautiful marbles) but what about when it comes to luxury stocking fillers for your favourite adults? Well, we’ve got just the thing…


Luxury stocking fillers from Coco & Wolf


From L-R: Silk Eye Mask | Silk Pillowcases | Luxury Nightwear | Silk Pyjamas | Liberty Fabric Pillowcases | Handmade Ceramic Vases | Luxury Hair Accessories | Liberty Fabric Cushions | Coco & Wolf Bath Linen | Toiletry Bags | Silk Hair Accessories


Whether the lucky recipient deserves some sumptuous silk nightwear, likes a little luxury for their hair or a chic eye mask to aid a great night’s sleep, Coco & Wolf can guarantee you will find luxury stocking fillers for everyone you love. And to make sure the stocking is as beautiful as the generous contents, well we can help with that too! Browse our range of luxurious Liberty fabric stockings now.


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