A Jubilant Picnic

Spring has officially sprung and this year it’s not just the warmer weather making us want to host a jubilant picnic. This June sees the entire country celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and while we don’t really need an excuse to hang up the bunting, create a chic outdoor dining space and bask in the glorious sunshine, the Jubilee means it’s an urge we’re definitely not fighting.

With the sun high in the sky and a light breeze at play, these perfect picnic conditions often have us heading for parks and other open spaces, but for a truly jubilant picnic we’re encouraging you not to stray much further than your garden. You see this isn’t just any picnic - we’re celebrating a once in a lifetime event!

A jubilant picnic to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee


The freshly mown lawn is the perfect place for a beautiful Liberty fabric picnic blanket and that’s where the children of the party will be dining. For the adults we’re taking our dining table outdoors and dressing it to the nines. We're talking triumphant talking point tablecloths, ruffle edged runners, an abundance of bud vases filled with seasonal blooms, proper cutlery and glassware, and the softest Liberty fabric napkins. A table also means your picnic basket doesn’t need to hold everything, and can instead be filled with baguettes and chilled bottles of wine, elderflower spritz or Pimms and lemonade.

Outdoor dining and picnic with Coco & Wolf


The Queen’s Jubilee calls for the Queen’s favourite dishes. Okay so we don’t have it on any real authority that these are indeed her majesty’s favourites, but we like to think if she was coming to our glorious, Liberty filled picnic these are the delicacies she’d like to eat. Freshly baked scones, generous bowls of strawberries, coronation chicken salad (a dish invented for the banquet of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953), piled high cucumber and mint sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls and of course, a perfectly British and nostalgia-inducing Victoria sponge.

Classic feasting for jubilant picnics with Coco & Wolf


The beauty of a garden picnic means very little in the way of lugging and that affords you extra comfort. Pile the picnic blanket and chairs with cushions for a delightfully soft spot which has people lingering for longer. Load up baskets with throws and quilts to keep everyone cosy once the sun begins to dip in the sky. Of course, while you get to enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors, you also have the convenience of being close to home with all that entails - think no bathroom traipsing and even putting little ones to bed so you can enjoy evening nibbles under the star filled sky.

Comfort and luxury outdoor dining


The Platinum Jubilee will certainly see plenty of pomp and circumstance and if there’s ever a time to create a celebratory feeling it’s this weekend. We’re recommending you string up the bunting, create sing-along playlists, invite all your favourite people and get hold of some sparklers for when the sun goes down. A jubilant picnic to be remembered.

Jubilee picnics with Coco & Wolf


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