Caring for your Liberty Fabric Bedding

Caring for your Liberty Fabric Bedding - Coco & Wolf

There truly is nothing lovelier than slipping into a clean bed on a Sunday evening. In our house it has become something of a ritual - hairwashes, fresh pyjamas (gently warmed on radiators in the winter), clean bedding and early nights - always a great night’s sleep, guaranteed. And while Coco & Wolf’s Liberty fabric bedding is handmade to last, a little love and attention when it comes to caring for your bed linen goes a long way in preserving its heirloom quality and ensuring bed change day always feels like a treat, never a chore.


Washing your Liberty Fabric Bedding

We recommend changing your bed linen once a week; we spend about 56 hours a week in bed so by Sunday it’s certainly ready for a freshen up.

Coco & Wolf’s Tana Lawn cotton bedding is machine washable which certainly makes all of our lives a little easier, though of course, you can hand wash if you prefer. For best results, don’t overload your washing machine, wash inside out to prevent colours fading and keep bedding in its own wash. If you do need to mix your duvet covers and pillowcases with other laundry try to avoid any sharp edges or abrasive materials which may catch on the luxury fibres.

Many of us wrongly believe you need to wash bed linen at high temperatures to kill bacteria. Thankfully a warm wash at 40 degrees does the job perfectly, while washing bedding slightly cooler on a 30D cycle is even kinder to the planet.

Be sparing with fabric conditioner. As cotton is a natural fibre it actually gets softer throughout the washing process and build up of fabric conditioner will dull the natural lustre of Tana Lawn. A little goes a long way!


Liberty fabric bedding by Coco & wolf and how to care for it


Drying and ironing your Coco & Wolf Bedding

Our preferred way of drying bed linen will also be on a washing line, outside on a sunny or breezy day. Not only does this make your bedding smell incredible and look after the environment but by pulling tightly when pegging out you will naturally remove creases from your Liberty fabric bedding. If the weather isn’t on your side, drying on a clothes horse next to a gentle heat source is the next best option.

When it comes to ironing, we recommend ironing your bedding on the reverse, whilst its still a little damp - it makes the whole process much easier and creates better results. This also revives the lustre the fibres sometimes lose when being washed.


Other tips for caring for your Liberty Fabric Bedding

Airing your bed every morning by folding back the duvet will allow your bed to breathe and moisture to evaporate.

We’ve already covered why washing your bed linen once a week is a good idea, but what about your duvets and pillowcases? Laundering these a couple of times a year, and regularly vacuuming your mattress will keep everything fresh.

Store your bedding somewhere cool with good air circulation when its not in use. Heat is scent’s number one enemy so avoid cupboards with radiators which aren’t opened often. A wardrobe is a great option! You can further avoid any musty smells in your bed linen by ensuring it is completely dry prior to folding away.


Liberty fabric bed linen by Coco & Wolf

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