Make an Easter Grazing Plate with Coco & Wolf

Make an Easter Grazing Plate with Coco & Wolf


One of my favourite takeaways from lockdown (don’t shudder as I mention that word) was making everything an occasion. We celebrated the small things, had time to flex our creativity and thought outside the box. It also really taught us all to appreciate the act of sharing. All of these things inspired today’s seasonal make; an easter grazing plate, just in time for next weekend!

Grazing boards are real people pleasers, both in terms of the guests eating from them and also for the host. They can be largely prepared in advance and require minimal effort once the board or plate is complete which means more time to enjoy the company. This visual way of displaying food makes it all the more exciting and if you’re a creative like us you will love balancing the colours and food types. Coco & Wolf's Easter plate is incredibly easy to scale up or down if you’re making this for more or less people and will appeal in some form to all of your guests, whether it is an Easter afternoon with family or a playdate celebrating the arrival of the school Easter holidays. My children’s friends absolutely devoured this the day we made it and didn’t even turn their nose up at the veggies which is, in my book, a win!


Easter grazing plate and board with seasonal foods and sweet treats

An Easter Grazing Plate | What You Need

A big serving platter or board. We used a vintage blue and white plate as I was only making it for a few people, but if you were going large we would recommend wooden boards lined with baking paper. Always use a plate or board smaller than you think - you want the end result to look abundant and generous rather than sparse.

You will also want some vessels for including things like dips and eggs which may otherwise roll off. Ramekins or even trinket dishes work well.

A selection of Easter-themed foods. Easter typically sees an abundance of chocolate so I purposefully only included a few bits on this plate. Make sure everything on the plate can be picked up easily without the need for extra things like spoons or forks. You want this to be carefree and easy to graze from. Easter is for sweet treats so the balance is certainly weighted in their favour, but we’ve included some tips for making this more savoury below.

To recreate the board below you will need:

  • Fruit - we used strawberries, blueberries and kiwi
  • Carrots (baby carrots cut in half with their stems in tact look particularly appealing)
  • Cucumber cut into flowers with a pastry cutter
  • Hummus
  • Hot cross buns
  • Scallop edges biscuits
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Salted caramel filled bunnies
  • Mini eggs
  • Mini golden bunnies
  • Bunny shapes Marshmallows

If you were making this for adults or wanted a more savoury approach you could include cheese and scalloped edge crackers, pots of chutney, cured meats and more veggies to dip.


Grazing plate perfect for Easter

Easter Grazing Plate | Our Tips for Assembly

Don’t overthink it - the best part about a grazing board or plate is that there is no wrong way to make one. You can add in anything that you want and place it in any way that works for the occasion.

Before you begin adding food to your Easter grazing plate, place your smaller bowls on your plate or board. You will then be able to work around these when you add your food.

When assembling your board or plate with food, try to balance colour and variety for maximum visual impact. We add all our brightest foods first, followed by largest items and end with the smallest treats like blueberries and pistachios which are great gap fillers.




Once your Easter grazing plate is complete all that’s left to do is lay the table with  beautiful Liberty fabric table linen, a stack of side plates and some beautiful Coco & Wolf napkins in pretty prints and invite your guests to graze.

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