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Easter Table Must Haves - Coco & Wolf


As the vibrant blooms of spring begin to unfurl and the sweet scent of Easter approaches, it's time to prepare for one of the most delightful traditions of the season: gathering around the table for a joyous feast. Easter tables hold a special place in our hearts, a place where family, friends and delectable delights come together in harmony without the stress so often associated with Christmas. What better way to elevate the celebrations than by adorning your Easter table with the charm of Coco & Wolf’s luxurious table linen? In this journal post, we delve into the art of creating stunning Easter tablescapes, where the luxurious touch of Coco & Wolf's tablecloths, placemats, runners, and napkins transform your celebrations into moments of unparalleled beauty and joy.


Easter Table Must Haves with Coco & Wolf Liberty Fabric Table Linen


Easter Table Must-Haves | The Foundations

Crafted from the finest fabrics in iconic Liberty prints, Coco & Wolf’s luxurious tablecloths and runners serve as the perfect foundation for an Easter celebration brimming with colour, joy and beauty. Whether you opt for a classic design such as Linen Garden or something more whimsical (we’re looking at you Betsy Candy Floss) the vibrant hues and illustrious fabrics will infuse your table setting with an irresistible allure. A traditional Sunday roast or something a little more casual like coffee and cake on Good Friday morning will both be equally as memorable against the foundations of our beautiful table linen.

Easter Table Must-Haves | The Layers

Once the foundations of your Easter table are in place you will want to add layers to create visual delight and a sense of abundance. While placemats aren’t strictly necessary if you have a tablecloth, we think layering up linens feels artful and luxurious. Napkins, however, truly are table essentials - choose layers of matching prints or fabrics which complement the other linens on your table. As your guests gather round, they will be enchanted by the captivating designs and delighted by the thoughtful attention to detail.

On our Easter table, we’ve kept all of the table linen in one print for a harmonious look, while scallop edge placemats and lots of layering feels fun and joyful.


Easter Table Must Haves with Coco & Wolf Liberty Fabric Table Linen

Easter Table Must-Haves | The Joyful Details

As you put the finishing touches on your Easter table, remember that every detail plays a vital role in crafting an atmosphere full of joy, colour and delight for your guests. Embrace the season's bounty by adorning your table with vibrant seasonal florals, infusing the air with their sweet fragrance and adding a touch of natural beauty to the setting. Elevate the festive ambience with carefully chosen decorative elements that capture the spirit of Easter, whether it's whimsical bunny napkin folds, delicate eggs or charming spring-inspired accents. And don't forget the playful touch of striped napkin bows for each place setting - because what isn’t made better with a bow?

With these thoughtful finishing touches, your Easter table becomes not just a place to dine, but a canvas of joy and celebration that delights the senses and warms the heart of every guest gathered around it.


Easter Table Must Haves with Coco & Wolf Liberty Fabric Table Linen

Elevate your Easter celebration with Coco & Wolf's luxurious Liberty fabric table linens - made to transform your table into a stunning centrepiece of joy and beauty. Shop now and make this Easter unforgettable!

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