Five Minutes with Coco & Wolf Founder, Amy

Human to human connections are at the heart of Coco & Wolf. We have never wanted to be an empty brand which just happens to create gorgeous products. We certainly don't want to be just another company, easily lost in a sea of advertising. Our team invest so much time creating the perfect products for your homes and families and part of that is getting to know you, our customers. Those authentic relationships are one of our favourite elements of the job and now it's time for the roles to reverse...

Today, we're spending 5 minutes introducing you to our founder, Amy. The former fashion buyer started making and creating gorgeous clothing which she couldn’t find for sale in other retailers whilst pregnant with her daughter and seven years later remains the driving force of the Coco & Wolf brand.

Coco & Wolf began with you designing products inspired by your daughter, Coco. What inspires you now?

"The thing that inspires me most at the moment are the Liberty prints, they evoke such feelings that as soon as I see them I am thinking about what we can do with them. At the back of my mind I always have a new idea that I spend my days thinking about and building upon. I spend a lot of time at vintage antique and flea markets at weekends which also prove a huge source of inspiration. I am obsessed with art deco and the 1920s and will often find myself drawn towards how they did things. The way they mixed their colourful interiors really inspires me."

What does a usual working day look like for you?

"After taking both of the children to school I am the first one to make a coffee after arriving back at the studio. I am a morning person and most productive in the lead up to lunch. After a catch up meeting with the team, I always launch into attempting to clear my emails. I have to be super strict with myself and only check my inbox in the morning, at lunchtime and then just before I finish for the day, otherwise I would get nothing done. Each week as a team we have a specific focus. As we have just launched the new season, this week's primary goal is around content creation. Today I am finalising the product range for Autumn Winter 2020 and then planning a meeting with Liberty to see and select the new prints for Spring Summer 2021."

"It started with a pair of tiny bloomers, made on my trusty sewing machine. And, of course, they were in one of my favourite Liberty prints, Lodden. Seven years later and not a huge amount has changed. The bloomers have evolved into collection of beautiful clothing and heirloom quality homewares, but the love is still there behind every single piece we make."

You’re currently renovating your Somerset home, what’s been your favourite project so far and how much Liberty fabric was involved?!

"We have a rule for this renovation project that we have to totally finish the room or area before we can start the next one. The downstairs is nearing completion and this year our focus is the outside landscaping and the upstairs (where there will be A LOT of Liberty fabric). My favourite recent project has been the entrance hall and hallway. We (I say we, I mean I) chose a William Morris wallpaper ‘Fruit’ which I absolutely love and it has such an impact as you walk into the house. I inherited some hand drawn studies from from my Grandfather that we have hung halfway down the hallway and I stop and look at them every time I walk through. We are just waiting for the stair runner to arrive and then this will be complete. I can’t wait!"

Tell us about your favourite product from the latest collection, The Wonderland.

"Each season I have a favourite print and a favourite product, and I always think that will be my favourite forever! I absolutely love the new colour way we have developed exclusively of Betsy, especially on the bedding. I am planning our bedroom renovation around it!"

What’s your guilty pleasure?

"Cheese. Always has been and always will be. I eat it every day. I snack on it. It is an absolute staple in our house and I could never be vegan because of it. That and Downtown Abbey!"

So, in this fast paced world where a five minute cup of tea is so precious, we hope you've enjoyed using yours getting to know a little more about Amy. I for one cannot WAIT to see the bedroom transformation designed around the gorgeous, exclusive Betsy colour way. Keep your eyes on the Coco & Wolf Instagram feed for the first glimpse. 

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  • Author image
    Lisa Gardner: March 05, 2020

    PLEASE can I see pics of your home it sounds AMAZING😍😍😍😍

  • Author image
    Mary-Jane: March 05, 2020

    ..what a lovely interview Amy – so pleased to have been a little part of that story..we just LOVE the Liberty baby clothing at Buttercup, here Whitstable – those Lodden bloomers on Coco, take us right back to our first beautiful collection that you sent us and it is still a real pleasure to be stockists of your gorgeous brand!

  • Author image
    Amie: February 25, 2020

    Loved reading this Ames. You total inspiration!!!

  • Author image
    Allie Steel: February 25, 2020

    lovely to meet the founder, when will we see your renovation pics Amy!

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