Focus On Sustainability | Patchwork Perfection

Focus On Sustainability | Patchwork Perfection


Sustainability is at the heart of the Coco & Wolf brand. We have a beautiful world to protect for future generations and it is our responsibility as a business and individuals to understand and be reactive to our own environmental impact. We’ve already excluded single use plastics, embraced cycling to work, reduced waste and championed eating seasonally, but we know there will always be more to do. 


Patchwork Perfection

Our products are designed to last a lifetime and we’re lucky enough to work with some of the most exquisite fabrics in the world, so naturally we never want to see any of it go to waste. Liberty fabrics should never be destined for landfill! To overcome this we’ve introduced luxury handmade fabric covered buttons which use up off cuts. Silk hair ties which use small pieces of fabric otherwise left over. Streamer bunting and the smallest bows adorning beautiful socks, all from fabric which in another lifetime may have ended up as waste. And now we’ve added luxury patchwork pieces to the collection and they are utter perfection.


Patchwork perfection with tartan inspired patchwork cushions from Coco & Wolf

Sustainable & Beautiful

Our brand new patchwork cushions are made using remnants of fabric in order to minimise waste. Available in both Tana Lawn cotton and Liberty Silk and in a variety of shapes they are a fabulous way to introduce different prints and colours to your home. We have fallen particularly hard for our Silk Patchwork Ruffle Cushions, as well as the tartan-inspired cotton patchwork cushion in this season’s must-have print, Strawberries & Cream with Katie & Millie. Every single one is carefully considered from the fabric combinations and handmade ruffles through to the crafted button fastenings to ensure a sustainable product you’ll be proud to hand down through generations. 


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