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The last couple of years changed the way we think about so much. Whilst it goes without saying we all feel so much more appreciative of our health, loved ones and the places we call home, it certainly seems to have encouraged a shake up in our safe places. Last year there was a well documented surge in home improvements, but thankfully (can you tell I’m a very reluctant DIY-er?) that now seems to have given way to a focus on the actual decor of rooms. This has seen people gravitating more towards affordable updates, a switch up of soft furnishings, changing artwork and giving the furniture a good move around. 

One of our most favourite ways to update the four walls we surround ourselves with is by creating the unexpected, merging the ordinary with the extraordinary, and it seems we’re not alone in our favouritism. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you can’t have failed to notice the rise of the humble lampshade. Gone are the days of a plain, beige shade - patterned, printed, painted and pleated lampshades are the perfect example of making the ordinary extraordinary and we are obsessed. It started with our collaboration with the incredible, Beauvamp, and today we’re sharing some of our favourite makers of more talking-point lighting and by the end of this post, we’re fairly sure you too will be adding one to your home. 


Why we love patterned, printed and pleated lampshades.

From top left: Yellow and Green Leaf Pleated Silk Lampshade with Gold Trim by Penny Morrison | Custom lampshade by Blanchefield | Rattan Wave Pendant Shade by Matilda Goad x Edit58Alice Palmer Lampshade exclusively for Edit58Orange Dotty Shade by Pooky, image by @alexpantano | Beauvamp ShadesSignature Scalloped Fabric Lampshade in White by Matilda Goad | Shade by Pooky, image by @manwithahammer | Shade covered with Fermoie fabric


Penny MorrisonHandmade in England from dazzling screen printed silk fabrics sourced from India, Penny Morrison's collection of vibrant eye-catching lampshades combine shapes, patterns and contrasting piping are unparalleled. 

Edit58: One of our favourite brands and collaborators, Edit58 collaborate with artisans from around the world to bring you one-of-a-kind treasures you won’t find anywhere else.

Sarah Blomfield: Sarah Blomfield is an Oxfordshire based artist who lives in Oxfordshire who hand paints bespoke lampshades, among other creative projects. 

Pooky: Specialists in beautiful, decorative lighting, Pooky are heralded by designers across the world, and perhaps most brilliantly, affordable and accessible. 

So Souk: So Souk specialise in gorgeous, hand blocked fabric lampshades, often sourced from artisans across the world. 

Fermoie: Creators of beautiful and original fabrics; from weaving, dying and inspirational first studio drawing to a unique take on traditional printing in their Wiltshire factory, Fermoie's gathered lampshades would look beautiful in any home.

Beauvamp: Another much-adored Coco & Wolf collaborator, independent, British lighting brand, BeauVamp specialise in combining traditional sewing techniques with vintage inspired design and contemporary style to create luxury, hand stitched, silk lampshades.

If you're sold on the statement lampshades, then what are you waiting for!! We can't wait to see them in your gorgeous homes. Our tops tips are when clashing patterns, a maximalist dream, be mindful of print direction. We love mixing small scale print lampshades against large scale wallpaper, but vertical lines on one and horizon lines on another can feel jarring. If a pattern feels too much for your taste then scallop edges, pleats and texture can feel just as interesting. This is just about creating joy.

Luxury Liberty print lampshades

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