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Do you find yourself with a tendency to notice something more often after noticing it for the first time? I currently have a pretty acute case of frequency illusion for decorative plates, you see a while back I started noticing them, and now I’m seeing there everywhere. Thankfully, I’m not mad about it, in fact, I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for this usually everyday object displayed decoratively and so today’s Journal post is very much an ode to the decorative plate.

While we don’t usually pay too much close attention to interior trends preferring instead to decorate in a way that is both timeless and personal, curated galleries of objects, art or photographs are in their very nature an incredibly individual collection and as such, we’re more than comfortable embracing this so-called trend.


Decorative Plates | The Inspiration

Decorative plates for your home interiors

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There is something incredibly special about a plate which is someone’s art. While it may be intended as an everyday functional item, by putting that plate on a wall you are celebrating the design and craftsmanship more so than could be achieved when serving breakfast upon it. And, of course, the real beauty here is, if you create a large conglomeration you can switch those displayed on the wall and those in the cupboard waiting to be used come dinner-time quickly and easily, creating a continually changing gallery effect which can reflect the season, your current interior scheme, or just your particular feeling at that time.

Unlike paintings or one-off pieces of traditional art, ceramics work in any room of the house thanks to their heat and moisture resistant nature. It makes sense to display plates in the kitchen but we love them just as much in bathrooms, bedrooms, halls…. everywhere, really! 


Decorative Plates | Where We’re Buying

If you’re looking to curate a successful collection for your wall we would recommend starting off purely where your heart tells you to. Pick handmade ceramics and painted pieces which you’re drawn to naturally and these will form the starting point of your assortment. You can then build around them, creating a cohesive colour palette, or eclectic collection which will spark conversation every time. Of course you will want to consider the room or space you’re planning the plates for but don’t buy anything which you don’t really love. And don’t worry about suddenly rushing out and buying lots or rushing decisions, a group of decorative plates collected over time will often have far more stories to tell. 

It will come as little surprise to you that we prefer to support small businesses and artisans in our collecting of decorative plates and it is always well worth a rummage through any ceramics at brocantes and vintage markets. If you’re happy with a paintbrush, why not give pottery painting a go and hand your very own masterpiece?!

Here are some of our favourite makers to get you started…

Bridget Hemmings,

Astier de Villatte,

KC Hossack Pottery,

Hal Haines,

Polly Fern,

KS Creative Pottery,


Zsuzsanna Nyul,

Harlie Brown Studio,

Casa Lopez,

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