The Importance of A Night-time Routine


As part of Sleeptember, Coco & Wolf are delving into the restorative powers of sleep. Intrinsically linked to our health and wellbeing, sleep has become a hot topic in recent years, with more of us than ever considering ourselves “bad sleepers” post-pandemic which then in turn effects our mood, concentration and productivity. So how can we encourage a restful, quality sleep? We’ve already discussed creating a hotel-worthy bed which is a delight to sink into but establishing a good night-time routine is equally important in the eternal quest for some soothing shut eye. Seven to nine hours of sleep is the optimum goal and finding a wind down routine which works for you and encourages this is a very personal journey. The same things don’t necessarily work for everyone, but taking a pick and mix approach from our tips below will hopefully support you in easing into an evening routine. 


A Regular Sleep Pattern

Your circadian rhythm helps your mind and body understand when it is time to stay awake or head to dreamland and developing a consistent sleeping pattern is the number one thing you can do to keep your circadian rhythm in check. Going to bed and getting up at a similar time every day establishes good habits and routine and in the long-term has a positive effect on overall sleep quality. Don’t get us wrong, a lay in every now and again is blissful, but on a day to day basis try to aim for consistency to reap the sleepy rewards and wake up bright eyed and busy tailed. 


Your Bedroom is Your Sanctuary

When I first met my husband many years ago I was bemused by the lack of television in his bedroom and he rather matter of factly stated bedrooms are for sleeping. Now,  almost two decades later, I have to say, he was right. Our bedrooms should be sanctuaries, a signal to our mind and body that sleep is not far away. The pandemic saw many of us blur these lines, as bedrooms also became home offices and the suchlike, but now it’s time to reinstate your refuge. Ditch the electronics and gadgets - they have no place in your bedroom! A beautiful bed complete with cocoon-like yet breathable bedding and a supportive mattress should however take centerstage. A comfortable chair in which to indulge in your skin care routine or practice some mindful calming breathing is also a real luxury. Block out daylight with curtains; darkness encourages the release of sleep-inducing melatonin, lulling us into a relaxed and sleepy state. Finally, keep the room quiet and an ambient temperature, you want to be neither too hot nor too cold; Coco & Wolf’s luxury Liberty fabric bedding is breathable which will further ensure you stay the perfect, comfortable temperature all night long.


The importance of a good night-time routine with Coco & Wolf

A Mindful Approach to Food and Drink

Eating a large meal or drinking caffeine or alcohol just before you head to bed will ensure your body is stimulated rather than relaxed. Try to keep alcohol within the recommended limits and give yourself plenty of time to rehydrate before you hit the sack. Experts recommend avoiding caffeine for the 5 hours before bed, with milky drinks or herbal teas more likely to help you relax and get some restful sleep. When it comes to food, there are many conflicting opinions. Our preferred approach (and we are not experts so do do your own research) is to avoid large late-night meals but make sure you’re not going to bed hungry. If you need a little something before bed, choose foods which will satisfy your appetite and support better sleep, such as those rich in tryptophan, amino acids and magnesium.


A Delightful Wind Down

There’s no denying, winding down encourages restful, quality sleep. Hopping straight into bed after you immediately come home from a busy day is a sure-fire way to experience wakefulness. Avoiding blue light and electronics and experimenting with things which help you to successfully wind down is nothing short of a joy. Try some gentle stretching or meditation before heading to the bedroom, a warm (not hot) bath and milky drink, soothing music, diffusing calming scents into your sleep space or indulging in a spa-like skincare routine, taking your time over double cleansing and moisturising. Try not to do anything which will raise your body temperature or engage your brain too much.


Tell us about your favourite nighttime routine? Has it helped you to get more restful sleep? We’d love know.


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