The Nostalgic Collection

The Nostalgic Collection - Coco & Wolf

Whilst we may have all gotten used to a slightly slower pace of life recently, a little excitement is just what everyone needs, so it is with great pleasure we announce The Nostalgic Collection has arrived!

Taking inspiration from the C.S. Lewis classic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Nostalgic Collection encourages your imagination to take you exploring the professor’s rambling country home before climbing into a huge, heirloom filled wardrobe to hide from Mrs Macready. Only this isn’t a discovery of Narnia, but one of the magical world of Coco & Wolf and our luxury, Liberty fabric products.

Coco & Wolf's latest collection inspired by heirlooms and using Liberty fabrics.

nostalgic [ no-stal-jik nuh‐ ] adjective
experiencing or exhibiting nostalgia, a sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time, or situation.

At Coco & Wolf we pride ourselves on creating timeless pieces; curated and crafted to become part of your story. Luxury and sustainable products so you can buy less, love more and create your own future nostalgia. Rich and sumptuous tones run throughout the Liberty fabrics used and there are endless frills and fanciful florals, but perhaps most importantly, the collection is packed full of heirloom quality, handmade pieces. Beautifully soft quilts to be tucked up under chins when it's windy outside. Luxury table linens which will come out time and time again, for bountiful birthday breakfasts, Sunday suppers and meals with friends. And silky smooth pillowcases which provide the best night's sleep, even when little feet pad along the hallway in the middle of the night and the bed becomes a tangled mess of limbs. All pieces which, at some point, will be passed down through generations, taken out of a wardrobe full of magic and evoke beautiful feelings of nostalgia. 

I remember very fondly using all my eight-year-old might to pull open the bottom, deep and heavy drawer of my Granny’s walnut chest. Inside the newspaper lined drawers were eiderdowns, heavy knitted blankets and embroidered cotton slips which sometimes found themselves draped over armchairs backs. Each thing was loved, cherished and felt as if it had memories woven in their fibres. With The Nostalgic Collection you can discover your own treasures and curate a collection of your very own heirlooms, ready and waiting for you to weave the memories into their beautiful, Liberty print fibres. 

All imagery by Oliver Perrott, styling and art direction by Emily Rickard

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