World Sleep Day | The Secrets to Quality Sleep

World Sleep Day | The Secrets to Quality Sleep - Coco & Wolf


Consistent and uninterrupted sleep is something we’re all striving for at some point. Even the best sleepers among us will have nights where the zzzs evade them.  Ahead of World Sleep Day tomorrow, Friday 15th March, we’re sharing the expert’s secrets to a blissful night’s sleep, as well as giving you unrivalled access to the most beautiful bedding in the world! Because when comfort and beauty collide, sweet dreams are guaranteed.


Before we can dive into the luxurious duvet covers and pillowcases Coco & Wolf are so famous for, we need to not only bust some sleep myths, but also help you set the best intentions for rest. Because beautiful bedding is only beautiful when you're sleeping peacefully beneath it. Almost all of us have developed some form of bad habits which can negatively impact our sleep, everything from not getting enough daylight (hello homeworkers) to using our phones too close to bedtime. So we asked the experts what are the most effective and quick wins you can put in place to guarantee you'll be resting pretty come bedtime? Some might be habits you need to break, but almost all are things you can start doing straight away to bring some extra sleep to your life. 


The Expert's Sleep Secrets 


Fill your day with natural light to regulate your circadian rhythm

Invest in a supportive mattress

High quality bedding which is naturally temperature regulating and soft to the touch will help you rest more easily

Minimise noise and clutter in your bedroom

Create consistent wake up and wind down times so your body gets accustomed to a healthy sleep routine

Block out excess light

Ensure your nighttime routine encourages relaxation

Be mindful of what you’re eating and drinking prior to bed; caffeine can be a barrier to falling asleep, while alcohol causes lower quality sleep.

Keep your bedroom at a cool yet comfortable temperature

Put away the electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime



The Best Bedding in the World

With the experts hailing the importance of high quality bedding it feels only right that we introduce you to the best bedding in the world. Crafted from the finest, naturally temperature-regulating fabrics, Coco & Wolf’s sumptuous duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets are not only a sensory delight to the touch but also a feast for the eyes. Elevate your sleep sanctuary to unprecedented levels of beauty while enhancing your quality of rest. Our latest collection of Liberty fabric bedding is the perfect place to start, with a beautiful range of serene florals and harmonising stripes which will elevate your sleep sanctuary to unprecedented levels of beauty while enhancing your quality of rest.



As we conclude our breakdown of the secrets to quality sleep and exquisite bedding, remember that the key to a restful night lies not just in luxurious linens but also in the sharing of knowledge and experiences. We hope this post has inspired you to enhance your sleep sanctuary and consider what changes you can make with a little World Sleep Day advice! Join the conversation on our Instagram - lets continue to elevate our sleep experiences together. Sweet dreams await!

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