A Return to The Garden

A Return to The Garden - Coco & Wolf

The last couple of years have certainly made us fall even harder for our gardens and while we like to use our outdoor space in some capacity all year round there’s no denying that June and July are a particularly joyful time to enjoying gardens, balconies and courtyards. Something we often forget when thinking about our gardens is how they truly are the most multi-use space in our homes, able to serve many different purposes effortlessly. So let’s take a look at our favourite ways to spend time in the garden on the blissful balmy days of summer.



There’s a huge sense of satisfaction which comes from growing your own flowers, fruit or veg. Nurturing something from start to finish offers a great sense of purpose and certainly food which is homegrown always tastes better while also being better for the environment and your purse. There’s also nothing nicer than arriving at a friend’s house with a posy of flowers, cut from your own garden.


Grow your own in the garden


Chores generally come with an audible groan and they’re almost never looked forward to until, of course, it comes to laundry. Yes you did read that right, but let me explain. Is there anything better than a washing line full of freshly washed laundry on a sunny blowy day? And can any of us ever resist a deep inhale of washing as we take it off the line once dry? It just smells SO good! The garden is your best friend when it comes to laundry and air drying is the perfect way to keep your Liberty fabric bedding and homewares in tip top condition.


Garden bed with Liberty fabric bedding by Coco & Wolf


A sunny day easily turns your garden into an outdoor kitchen. Despite what Instagram might say, you don’t need any fancy worktops or sinks - your chosen cooking equipment is all! The garden is fabulous for everything from a traditional BBQ, cooking on a pizza oven or even a simple picnic - anything which gets you away from the heat of your kitchen oven!

Brunch is my favourite meal to host in the garden. Being slightly later in the day than breakfast means plenty of time for dressing the table with gorgeous cloths and napkins and you get to enjoy friendship and laughter in the best and warmest part of the day. Create comfort and shade with a lovely fringed parasol and plenty of Coco & Wolf’s Liberty fabric outdoor cushions.


Outdoor living and enjoying the garden


Summer is the perfect time to take your chosen workout outdoors. The garden offers the ideal surroundings for a HIIT, yoga or dance session and is more inductive to an invigorating and present session. Choose early morning or early evening and try to avoid the peak heat of the sun when exercising outdoors.


Coco & Wolf Garden


The garden is the perfect place to enjoy each others company. If you’re feeling active, smaller spaces are great for trampoline and sprinkler fun, while larger spaces allow for badminton or even rounders. Garden paths are great for rollerskating practice, while summer is also a wonderful time to refine cartwheels and learn the art of daisy chain making. Layer up mattresses, cushions, blankets and quilts to create a comfortable spot for homework and reading and let the children relax and wind down after a long day.


Summer In The Garden with Coco & Wolf


For me, this is the time when my garden feels like a true haven. Once the children are in bed and the sun is lowering in the sky I like to make myself a refreshing, long drink and head out to dead head flowers and water plants away from the heat of the sun. Even sweeping patios, planting and weeding feels relaxing as the sun goes down. Of course, if there’s no garden chores to be done this is also a beautiful time of day to relax in a deck chair with a good book or to enjoy evening birdsong. 

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