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Spring may have been a little tardy this year but we're not waiting any longer to dive into our cherished spring rituals! It's that magical season when we breathe new life into our homes with a thorough declutter and rejuvenating spring clean. As you will already know, at Coco & Wolf, we're passionate about embracing sustainable, planet-friendly living and one of our favourite eco-friendly shifts has been adopting natural cleaning products. Just in time for your spring refresh, we're excited to share a couple of our top natural cleaning recipes for a cleaner, greener approach to spring cleaning. Don’t be fooled into thinking natural products are inferior to synthetic ones - these natural products work just as well (if not better!) all while being so, so much kinder to the environment.  


Natural Spring Cleaning | The All-Purpose Cleaner



Mix all the ingredients in a reusable glass bottle with a spray nozzle. Give it a good shake with the lid on to ensure everything is well-mixed. The vinegar cuts through grease, the surgical spirit kills bacteria and the essential oils add scent. 

This cleaner is fantastic for just about all tasks - it is quick drying and doesn’t leave streaks, making it perfect for worktops, hobs, cupboard fronts, tiles, glass and mirrors. Just spray, wipe and you're done! We particularly love that you can tailor your cleaning products to scents which you love thanks to the inclusion of essential oils. For the all-purpose cleaner, I switch scents throughout the year, tending to use citrus essential oils in spring and summer and something more warming through the colder months. 




150ml water
60ml white vinegar
40ml surgical spirit
20 drops of essential oil


Natural Spring Cleaning | The Limescale Remover



Place the citric acid in a heatproof jug, pour over the boiling water and stir until completely dissolved. The mix should be clear with no crystals remaining. Once cool, add the washing-up liquid and essential oil. Leave the liquid in the jug to cool completely before transferring to a spray bottle.

This cleaner is more abrasive than the all-purpose spray and must be rinsed thoroughly, so is great for getting rid of limescale, soap scum and watermarks. It whitens, brightens and kills germs while containing no harmful chemicals. However, do not use it on natural stone, marble, wood or granite as it is acidic. Also, make sure to rinse your spray nozzle after use as it can crystallise. 





200g citric acid
150ml boiling water
20ml eco-friendly washing up liquid
20 drops essential oil


Ready to make your spring cleaning both effective and eco-friendly? Give these natural cleaning recipes a try and witness the power of nature in revitalizing your home! Don't forget to share your green cleaning success stories with us in the comments below. Let's inspire each other to embrace cleaner, greener living this spring.

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