The Art of Switching Off

The Art of Switching Off - Coco & Wolf

It almost feels a little trite to be talking about the art of switching off so soon following a prolonged period of mandatory slow-ness for many of us but we suspect, if you're anything like us, the forced upon downtime was anything but relaxing. And now here we all are again, feeling anxious, consuming too much news, wondering what is around the corner. Switching off, relaxing and taking time for ourselves has become important than ever and in such a busy and loud world most of us are pretty bad at actually putting those things into practice. Today we're sharing not only our favourite but the most achievable ways we've found to switch off. 


There's a reason that throughout this pandemic we've all looked forward to time spent outside. It is good for the soul and filling your lungs with fresh air with a gentle amble, a bike ride or a hike makes you feel alive. There's something indulgent about putting yourself top of your priority list and enjoying some alone time outdoors, especially if you're used to always being surrounded by others. We can't decide whether we prefer using the time outside in total peace (we'd forgotten what that was) or enjoying a podcast, but either way, we're determined not to become fair weather outsiders and embrace all that the coming season has to offer.


We recently read that many of us are now seeing basic acts of hygiene as indulgent acts of self care and it really resonated as we are definitely guilty of thinking of a bath as a treat! But there's a reason that the Greeks and Romans loved bathing and we're here to encourage you to up the ante. If our ancestors used them to convalesce, then we can certainly use them to relax in times of stress! To really switch off, transform your self-care routine more of a ritual; turn the quick face mask into a full, at home, facial. Make regular time for a bubble bath rather than a rushed shower. Your mind, skin, joints and muscles will thank you for it.


Switching off doesn't have to be a solitary act, in fact, having fun and being with friends and family can be more restorative than a peaceful hour with a book. Laughter decreases stress hormones and triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals, so surround yourself with your favourite people and let your stresses melt away. We're definitely not about to start telling you you need to host an elaborate evening complete with tablecloths and three course meals in order to relax, though! Pressure free hosting is more conducive to switching off so order your favourite takeaway and spend your precious time chatting and laughing rather than playing the hostess with the mostest. 


We've heard it a million times, we all just need to move a little bit more. And that's great, but why is some exercise so boring?! The key here is finding something that works for you, we can't all be the same, after all. Whether you like stretching and recharging with gentle movement like yoga or swimming or getting your heart pumping with something a little more high-impact, movement is a great way to transport your mind to a different, more switched off place. In our house, kitchen dancing is the thing which you'll find us doing most, both alone and all together. It gets the oxygen flowing, blood pumping, smiles wide and let's us switch off from everything else that's going on for as long as our favourite playlist. Try it! We think you'll love it.  


Switching off is about embracing a little bit of selfishness. Putting yourself first. Whilst we're sharing our tips, ultimately, switching off should be about doing something you love, whatever that looks like. For some that will be reading an engaging book which transports them elsewhere and for others it might look like trying out a new recipe. Mindless entertainment or flexing that TV remote is no better or worse than something which engages your brain, so let yourself be unapologetic about whatever it is you enjoy that helps you switch off. We'd love to know what you're planning below!

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