This stylised small floral design was designed for Liberty in 1933. The only clue we have of who designed it are the initials DS. DS designed many of our favourite Tana patterns. 


Dancing Kites 
Colourful kites cover the fabric, capturing the magic of breezy summer days atop a hill or along the beach that make whiling away the hours a challenging yet jovial pastime. Inspire your little one with these multicoloured kites that soar in the sky.



Fairy Land
Flora and fauna coexist under the flowerbeds in a monotone world that captures the charm of the English countryside in spring and summer. Let your little one count the colourful creatures amongst the leaves.



Garden Trail
A distinct leafy motif spreads across the fabric, alluding to crisp days that are filled with long walks and pleasant breezes. Let your little one's imagination run wild, concocting adventures that take place around every loop. 



Land of Dreams

Effervescent and eclectic shapes and colours mesh together to become an exciting take on childlike dreams that are full of excitement and adventure, taking inspirations from the day's events and setting the next adventure on its course. Let your little one be enthralled and encaptured by bounding bunnies and scattered stars, as well as swooshing kites and faraway towns.


Lodden Liberty print is one of the great arts and crafts textile designs of the past, revived for the Autumn/Winter 2007 collection. It was originally designed by William Morris in 1884, but was made into Liberty's own design by rescaling and recolouring.

My Ship
Rolling waves are strewn across the fabric, and are adorned with traversing ships that hark to a world of make believe wherein pirates rule the seven seas, and your little one is the swashbuckling hero - or heroine - that saves the day.  

This Liberty print depicts a mottled watercolour technique capturing the delicate nature of cherry blossoms. 

Poppy & Daisy
The Poppy and Daisy Liberty Print fabricwas designed for Liberty by the Jack Prince Studio in 1974 and has been part of their classics range since 1979. 

Queue for the Zoo
Children’s author and illustrator, OK David, collaborated with the Liberty Design Team to create the Queue For The Zoo fabric design. Hand-drawn and painted exclusively for Liberty, OK David’s animal print represents the Third Floor’s Childrenswear Department.

Summer Blooms
Colourful backdrops are accented by distinctive flowers to mimic hazy summer evenings that are fragranced by floral scents, which your little one are bound to delight in as they tickle their noses.

Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers by Su Blackwell is a recollection of early childhood journeys across the British landscape in discovery of native flora. This joyous Liberty fabric was initially inspired by illustrations from an early 19th Century book, 'Field Guide to Wild Flowers in Britain'.