Floralia; An ancient Roman festival dedicated to Flora, goddess of flowers, spring and blossoming plants, a celebration of the cycle of life, where flowers decked the temples and everyone wore bright colourful clothes.

Artwork: Larkspur, Viola & Lattice hand-pressed, home-grown wild flowers 'AMY'

Frame: Beautifully framed, hand-painted ash wood frame with 99% UV protection by local artisan framer

Frame colour: Railings by Farrow & Ball

Frame Size: 22.5cm x 36cm x1.5cm

All artworks are made using naturally grown flowers and plants that have been lovingly, grown and carefully selected, for their beauty and colour. Each flower and or plant is hand-picked for it’s appearance and is carefully pressed to preserve this.
We choose to use the old-fashioned technique of pressing flowers in books, because we love waiting to see what surprises our books have in store for us and we enjoy the feelings of nostalgia it creates. We use unexpected colours that ignite the senses, leaving you uplifted and transported to magic spaces.
We work the flower colours to compliment your chosen frame colour. We select the perfect flowers to shape and build each letter, for your personalised artwork, set onto a superior acid free cartridge paper, where each letter is meticulously fixed into place. As we create each unique piece, we weave beautiful intentions and blessings into each design, believing that the messages inscribed, are everlastingly held in the artworks.



We have designed these artworks to stay with you for a long-long time and so we strongly recommend that the artworks are kept out of direct sunlight to preserve their colours.
We have used a 99% UV filter protection in the glazing to limit fading and extend your
artwork’s longevity.
Always keep away from radiators, the temperature changes can cause the flowers to become brittle.

Maison Floralia was born out of wanting to share something beautiful and reconnect to family and friends, when we were limited to staying in our homes, due to lockdown.

With little to do but focus on the present moment, the escapism of nature was the calling that created Maison Floralia.

It began with a blanket of daisies, along with hot yellow buttercups marking the start of Spring, which overnight we appeared to have grown a full meadow of, in our back garden in London; in previous years we had been too busy to have even seen.

Here, we witnessed a pure expression of joy and beauty, in those little wild flowers and we wanted to capture and spread a piece of it, to those we knew may be finding lockdown difficult, or just to remind them that they were loved. It made sense that if this expression of life was happening in our back garden, then it was something to share with loved ones, as a reminder that better times would come.

Several months of growing our own flowers, alongside picking the wild ones from our garden, a lovingly created baby name artwork for our new niece and a selection of personalised hand pressed flower cards began to unfold; designed to share that expression of Spring and here we are today...seeing where this essence of joy will take us!

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