Spotty Porcelain Handleless Mug with Gold Lustre Rim


This handleless mug has been made from porcelain in a mould.  They make a unique and beautiful addition to the table.

The cups measure 10cm tall with a 8.5cm diameter.

A divine blue spotty glaze with gold lustre rim.

These mugs are all made to order using a mould - once the mould is dry, liquid porcelain (slip porcelain) is poured into the mould. A stain is hand painted on they are then fired, glazed added and fired for the second time. Finally the gold lustre rim is added and fired for a third time.

When using as a mug - do not fill it to the top, ensure you leave a gap to pick it up with - saves burning your fingers! 

It holds 250 ml but less for hot drinks.

They can also be used as a plant pot for succulents!

Dishwasher safe.

Due to the handmade nature of these items please note natural imperfections and unique details may occur. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

Handmade in England.

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