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We were thrilled to finally share our big, dream-come-true news recently, Coco & Wolf is now available in-store and online at Liberty. One of the most exciting elements of our partnership is being able to offer your favourite, heirloom worthy products in prints exclusive to Liberty. All created on Liberty's inimitable Tana Lawn™ cotton, you won't find these prints anywhere else, not even right here. Let's get acquainted with these exclusive prints, shall we? And if you fall in love, you know where to click!



Coco & Wolf Liberty Exclusive Fabric, Libby.
A closer look at Libby

Liberty Fabrics’ Libby print features a layout of dense, simplified daisies, drawn with a very fine outline. Originally hand painted during the 1930s and printed at Liberty’s Merton print works, this all-over repeat pattern pays homage to the most quintessential Liberty floral style.


Coco & Wolf Liberty Exclusive Fabric, Felicite.

A closer look at Felicite

This rose trail pattern was designed for Liberty Fabrics in 1933 - like the Betsy and Wiltshire prints, Felicite was created by a designer with the initials D.S. It joined the Classics collection in 2001.


Coco & Wolf Liberty Exclusive Fabric, Wiltshire in lilac.

A closer look at Wiltshire

Wiltshire is a leaf and berry pattern originally designed for Liberty Fabrics in 1933 by the designer with the initials DS. It was redesigned in 1968, and has been part of the Classics collection since 1979.

Exclusive prints for Coco & Wolf in Liberty

"Tana Lawn™ cotton is a modern masterpiece of fabric production that Liberty has been perfecting for over 100 years."


Coco & Wolf Liberty Exclusive Fabric, Thorpe.

A closer look at Thorpe

Thorpe was drawn up by the Hayward studio in 1968. The dense, small floral design is reminiscent of Liberty Fabrics' 1930s floral prints and a mixture of these will have provided the inspiration for Thorpe. Thorpe has been on classic tana since 1979. 


Coco & Wolf Liberty Exclusive Fabric, Donna Leigh.

A closer look at Donna Leigh 

Donna Leigh was inspired by a design by William Kilburn dating from the late 1700s. During this period Kilburn produced many designs for muslin, often with dark, rich grounds and contrasting flowers – this print reflects his signature aesthetic, with its hand-painted watercolour flowers on a dark ground.


Coco & Wolf Liberty Exclusive Fabric, Queue for the Zoo in lime.

A closer look at Queue for the Zoo

Children’s author and illustrator OK David collaborated with the Liberty design team to create Queue For The Zoo – a charming animal print representing the Third Floor’s Childrenswear Department, hand-drawn and painted exclusively for Liberty Fabrics.


Coco & Wolf Liberty Exclusive Print Adelajda in pink.

A closer look at Adelajda

Originally created in the Liberty Fabrics design studio for the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, Adelajda features a galaxy of swirling stars in a whirl of vivid shades.

There's something incredibly special about Liberty's Tana Lawn cotton,  with it's silk-like touch, unique print quality and striking colour vibrancy, all carefully developed over an entire century. There really could not be a better fabric for the spectacular prints of the Liberty archive. Everyone has a favourite Liberty print, and if you're anything like us you'll have a few, but we would love to know which Coco & Wolf in Liberty exclusive print is on your wish list now you've got to know them a little better?

Coco & Wolf in Liberty with exclusive prints.


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