How To Recreate a Turndown Service at Home

How To Recreate a Turndown Service at Home - Coco & Wolf


Long winter nights are a wonderful excuse to indulge in early bedtimes and catch up on some rest and while sneaking away to a hotel for a weekend may be the ultimate treat, we are big believers in everyday joy, too. Styling our sleep spaces to emulate the comfort of hotel bedrooms isn’t exactly groundbreaking but we also encourage you to luxuriate in the self-care rituals so often only experienced when staying away from home, namely the turndown service. 

Of course, a turndown service at home still needs excellent foundations, so the first task is to ensure your bedding not only looks beautiful but makes you feel relaxed and cocooned. Coco & Wolf’s luxury duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets combine the beauty of Liberty’s iconic prints on lustrous Tana Lawn, with silk-like comfort, natural temperature regulation and the ever-practical fact it is machine washable. 

Then it’s down to the extra thoughtful touches to make sure you can unwind after a busy day and rest ahead of the next. Let’s recreate the turndown service at home, shall we?


A Turndown Service at Home | Stage One

Remove any decorative cushions not used for sleeping. We love a cushion as much as the next person, especially when it is made from Liberty’s finest fabrics, but come bedtime they should be stored neatly off of the bed to avoid crooked necks and messy beds. 

Fold your duvet and top sheet, if you use one, back on itself into a rectangle. 

Fluff your pillows and smooth the sheet. Even if you are a bed-making aficionado in the morning, it’s always nice to re-smooth and plump your bed before diving in at nighttime. 


A Turndown Service at Home | Stage Two

Add a glass and small carafe of cold water to your bedside table. The carafe may seem a little *extra* but it just makes sure if you are needing to quench your thirst come 2am the water still tastes as fresh as possible. 

Remove any clutter from the bedside tables and put clothes away. The old adage that a tidy house means a tidy mind may be true, but we think a clutter-free bedroom guarantees sweet dreams. 

Close your blinds or curtains and ceate a darkened slumber space which feels cosy and cocooning. 


Recreating a luxury hotel turndown service at home 


A Turndown Service at Home | Stage Three

Turn on the bedside lamps and turn off the overhead light. 

Play a soothing playlist or wind down meditation, ideally on a speaker within the room rather than your phone. In fact, we would encourage you to leave the phone out of your bedroom entirely, you’ll thank us later!

Spritz your pillows with your favourite sleep spray. 

Now, the chocolate on the pillow… When we shared quick turndown service at home guide on our Instagram and TikTok recently we had a few messages telling us off for not including the sweet pillow treat! We know its tradition, but our favourite sleep spray is lavender scented to lull us into a blissful dream-state, and lavender and chocolate doesn't feel like a winning combination. But, because we’re never one to turn our back on tradition (or chocolate), we have a solution - place a chocolate truffle on a trinket plate on the beside table for if you are inclined to feast on something sweet before bed.  


Will you be recreating a turndown service at home this weekend? Its our favourite Sunday-evening treat and we can't wait to hear if it helped you get even better zzzs. 


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