Stay Warm Must Haves


Christmas may have been and gone but the weather outside is still pretty frightful! Thankfully, blustery winds and never-ending rain is the perfect excuse for staying at home but while we’re all trying to be more mindful before reaching for the thermostat it’s time to be a little more considered in how we create a warm and cosy homely space. There’s little more comforting than an array of layered textiles. It encourages rest, instantly adds warmth and interest and feels effortlessly homely. Think blankets and throws, cushions and curtains and you’re on a one way trip to snug. Coco & Wolf’s colourful prints offer a beautiful bright contrast to the grey weather outside and work brilliantly when layered up in maximalist heaven. So what are your stay warm must haves this January?


Stay Warm Must Haves | Blankets & Quilts

By layering up textures your room will instantly feel more suited to the season, not to mention that practically your layers will keep you warm and cosy. We like to layer up blankets and quilts on settees to create cocoon-like living spaces.

Stay Warm Must Haves | Cushions

Cushions are small but mighty when it comes to adding texture. They create softness while adding colour to your room’s palette and can be used in almost every room of the house. An inexpensive update - what’s not to love?


Stay warm must haves including Liberty fabric cushions


Stay Warm Must Haves | Curtains

Windows and draughty doors are a warm home’s enemy. Curtains help create a wall of warmth, stopping heat escaping out of windows and any chilliness from cold glass. Liberty fabric curtains can have a huge effect on an entire room’s look and feel and Coco & Wolf are happy to offer these on a bespoke basis.

Stay Warm Must Haves | Bedspreads & Throws

While Coco & Wolf’s Liberty bedding is fantastic at helping you naturally regulate your temperature when the chill really sets in you cannot beat layers on your bed. A beautiful heirloom bedspread will be a treat to bring out year after year. 


Stay warm must haves including bedspreads and throws


Will you be snuggling up under extra layers at home? We'd love to know what's on your stay warm must have list this season.

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