Joyful Christmas Gifts for Everyone

Joyful Christmas Gifts for Everyone - Coco & Wolf


One of the ultimate joys of Christmas is the delight in giving a gorgeous gift. Whilst there is no denying that it is lovely to be on the receiving end of a thoughtful gift, certainly once you reach adulthood, the greater feeling comes from giving someone you love something they will love. 

We like to think at this time of year you really will find something for everyone on your shopping list at Coco & Wolf. All of our beautiful Liberty fabric pieces are handmade in our Somerset studio and have an inimitable luxurious quality which makes them a joyful Christmas gift to receive and an even more wonderful gift to give. Whether you’re searching for silk pillowcases, effortless and elegant nightwear, crowd-pleasing hair accessories or sumptuous bedding for the ultimate treat, your search ends here.


A Christmas Gift for Everyone



If you’re looking for an even more special touch this Christmas, don’t forget all Coco & Wolf pieces can be personalised. Coco & Wolf’s monogramming and embroidery service helps you create one of a kind gifts, personally tailored to the people you love. Just visit our Monogramming page or get in touch to discuss your requirements and our talented team of designers and seamstresses will help you create a truly treasured token.

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