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Coco & Wolf Pillowcase Style Guide - Coco & Wolf

Coco & Wolf Pillowcase Style Guide

Ever since our first ever Liberty fabric pillowcase hit the shelves Coco & Wolf have declared a pillowcase a design statement; a decorative element which will elevate your bed from spiritless to spectacular, effortlessly. Whether it’s combined with a contrasting duvet set for maximalist magnificence or sitting pretty atop a straight-out-of-a-hotel pristine white duvet, our signature pillowcases are iconic. A bright beginning every day. With varying styles of pillowcases, knowing your Oxford from your housewife and your scallop from your silk can feel a bit of a minefield so let Coco & Wolf show you the way with our pillowcase style guide. 
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Exclusive Print Spotlight: Betsy Lace - Coco & Wolf

Exclusive Print Spotlight: Betsy Lace

When you think of Liberty fabrics your mind may naturally wander to bold shades, conversational prints and eye-catching florals. And while thankfully there are plenty of these show stopping Liberty fabrics which we all know and love, we know there is also a special place in many of our hearts and homes for a luxurious and artful neutral. Over the past few years Coco & Wolf have been working closely with the Liberty fabrics team to develop and recolour many of the much-loved fabrics to create brand new colour ways, often reacting to customer’s desires. After the success of Michelle in Sand back in 2021 it was time to create another pale and interesting print and this time it was ever-favourite Betsy’s turn for a reimagining.

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Larder Staples for Seasonal Cooking - Coco & Wolf

Larder Staples for Seasonal Cooking

We’ve been easing ourselves quietly and gently into the new year, avoiding the “new year, new me” narrative which feels erroneous during this hibernation period. And while resolutions have been retired there has been an unhurried inclination to sort and organise. Thankfully, as the weather outside is so dreary, there is plenty of opportunity to pop on a calm playlist, light my favourite candles and have a clear out in preparation for the big spring clean which ebbs ever closer. 
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