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Shopping with Small Businesses for Christmas Gifts - Coco & Wolf

Shopping with Small Businesses for Christmas Gifts

The gift of giving is impossible to ignore during this festive season. Psychologically proven to boost our own happiness, shopping for other people is undeniably the true spirit of Christmas. Thinking of things they will love, wrapping with care and writing a tag and then seeing them open your gift and hopefully love it is such a joyful experience.

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Silk Pillowcases | The Ultimate Christmas Gift - Coco & Wolf

Silk Pillowcases | The Ultimate Christmas Gift

At Coco & Wolf we have a theory about the very best Christmas gifts. They should fall into one of two categories; a luxury you may not treat yourself to, or something which adds pleasure or joy to your every day. If you manage to find something which ticks both boxes then you truly have struck gold. And in our opinion the most golden, universal Christmas gift from Coco & Wolf which everyone would be absolutely thrilled to receive is our classic silk pillowcase. 
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On Everybody's Wish List This Christmas - Coco & Wolf

On Everybody's Wish List This Christmas

Here at Coco & Wolf we have a plethora of beautiful Liberty fabric pieces which will be right at home on everybody’s Christmas wish list. From luxury nightwear and silk pillowcases for your favourite girlfriends to personalised quilts for first Christmases and beguiling table linen for the hostess. We're certain you'll find something for everyone! Shop early so you can spend the lead up to Christmas enjoying all of the festivities and traditions. Just click the products below to be taken to each category. Their wish is our command!
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Forever Favourite Liberty Fabrics - Coco & Wolf

Forever Favourite Liberty Fabrics

There is a worldwide collective of Liberty fabric lovers for a very good reason - once you discover the lustrous fabrics, there’s very little chance of you ever turning your back on them. The prints are impossible to resist and the fabrics are some of the most luxurious in the entire world. They are, to put it simply, perfection, and this perfection is what Coco & Wolf was built upon. Our founder, Amy has championed Liberty fabrics for as long as she can remember and today she is sharing her forever favourites with us. 
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Seasonal Eating | Somerset Cider & Cheddar Soup - Coco & Wolf

Seasonal Eating | Somerset Cider & Cheddar Soup

As the air chills and November appears, we often seek out warmth and light wherever we can find it, especially now the clocks have fallen back. For many, warmth comes from the hearty meals which feel synonymous with the latter part of autumn. Despite the diminishing warmth, November is a bountiful month for ingredients which makes seasonal eating a breeze. One of our favourite meals to make and eat at this time of year is soup and today we’re sharing one of our favourite seasonal recipes - Somerset Cider & Cheddar soup. It’s a true celebration of our home county’s beautiful produce and while this isn’t an everyday recipe due to it’s rich, velvety and decadent nature, it is a delicious treat for chilly evenings like bonfire night!

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A Thanksgiving Table - Coco & Wolf

A Thanksgiving Table

Originating as a day of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest and dating back to the 1600s, Thanksgiving remains one of America’s most widely celebrated holidays. And while we may not celebrate it actively here in the UK, Coco & Wolf wanted to create a beautiful table which would lend itself equally well to being the centrepiece of a thanksgiving celebration for our American friends or an autumnal feast for anyone else. In uncertain times, gathering all of your loved ones round a table to share a meal can bring unending joy and we’ll never shy away from that. 
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Statement Cushions, The Perfect Finishing Touch - Coco & Wolf

Statement Cushions, The Perfect Finishing Touch

A fantastic way to bring colour into your home is by adding accents through accessories. Statement cushions may feel like small additions but they can add maximum character and we think there’s very few schemes which aren’t considerably enhanced with the addition of beautiful luxury cushions. If you have a fondness for a particular a colour but don’t want to paint or paper the entire room in it statement cushions and accessories let you celebrate the colour and make it a real focus without being overbearing.
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Celebrating the Season | Autumn - Coco & Wolf

Celebrating the Season | Autumn

With the arrival of October it certainly feels as though autumn has truly settled in. Leaves have begun to fall from the trees, the landscape is a beautiful rich tapestry and the air feels cooler, but not yet wintry cold. Here in England, our seasons are well defined, and at Coco & Wolf we like to embrace the differing rhythms of the year. Here are some ways you too can celebrate the changing landscape of the season. 
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Luxury Nightwear For Bed and Beyond - Coco & Wolf

Luxury Nightwear For Bed and Beyond

Our latest collection, The Curious Retreat, emboldens you to take all of the most opulent and heavenly moments of a weekend away in the country with friends and indulge in them at home. And so it felt only right to create a sumptuous collection of luxury nightwear to go alongside which is designed to be worn both when enjoying the comfort and abundance of home or the escape and delight of getting dressed up for dinner. These are pieces which blur the lines in the best possible way.
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Caring for your Liberty Fabric Table Linen - Coco & Wolf

Caring for your Liberty Fabric Table Linen

Coco & Wolf’s table linen is best described as modern day heirlooms which make even the most every day meal feel special. We’re certainly not advocates of keeping these pieces for best! A Wednesday morning breakfast will almost definitely be exponentially improved with a gorgeous Liberty fabric napkin, while Sunday brunch looks all the more inviting when served on a beautiful table, all dressed up. So how do you care for your Liberty fabric napkins, tablecloths, runners and placemats to make sure they’re still perfect for many meals to come?
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Coco & Wolf Welcomes You to The Curious Retreat - Coco & Wolf

Coco & Wolf Welcomes You to The Curious Retreat

Autumn and winter are seasons which afford us the time to enjoy being enveloped in our homes. Retreat from the cool outside air and embrace the cosy escape of home. Slow down and enjoy plentiful moments, surrounded by beauty, comfort and elegance. With a change of season on the horizon, a sumptuous new collection from Coco & Wolf has landed and we would love for you to get better acquainted. Let us welcome you to The Curious Retreat. 
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The Importance of A Night-time Routine - Coco & Wolf

The Importance of A Night-time Routine

As part of Sleeptember, Coco & Wolf are delving into the restorative powers of sleep. Intrinsically linked to our health and wellbeing, sleep has become a hot topic in recent years, with more of us than ever considering ourselves “bad sleepers” post-pandemic which then in turn effects our mood, concentration and productivity. So how can we encourage a restful, quality sleep? We’ve already discussed creating a hotel-worthy bed which is a delight to sink into but establishing a good night-time routine is equally important in the eternal quest for some soothing shut eye. Seven to nine hours of sleep is the optimum goal and finding a wind down routine which works for you and encourages this is a very personal journey. The same things don’t necessarily work for everyone, but taking a pick and mix approach from our tips below will hopefully support you in easing into an evening routine. 
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Sleeptember: Hotel Worthy Beds - Coco & Wolf

Sleeptember: Hotel Worthy Beds

September has a naturally regenerative feel. The change in season is tangible and the back to school feeling is impossible to avoid. For many, it’s a good opportunity to set some intentions for the remainder of the year and it is also one of our favourite times to focus on the importance of rest, with autumn allowing us all to slow down a little. Coinciding perfectly with this, is Sleeptember, The Sleep Charity’s month-long campaign. Sleeptember focusses on helping us all get a better night’s kip and Coco & Wolf are championing it! Creating and maintaining the perfect sleep environment is essential in achieving the best possible quality sleep which is vital for our overall health and wellbeing. So let us guide you through creating not only a hotel-worthy bed, but one which is conducive to the most restorative rest possible.

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A Love Affair with Table Linen - Coco & Wolf

A Love Affair with Table Linen

Look back in history and you’ll see that post periods of unrest and hardship came joy, frivolity and dynamism. The roaring twenties with its flapper girls, jazz and art deco design and the celebration and colour which juxtaposed the great depression before it in the 1930s. And now our enduring love affair with colour, pattern and print is a wonderful contrast to the sombre mood that’s hung over us all for the last couple of years, while eating together becomes intrinsic to social occasions once more. And what better way to celebrate with beautifully dressed tables.
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Cottagecore, the interior aesthetic you don't want to miss. - Coco & Wolf

Cottagecore, the interior aesthetic you don't want to miss.

With an instantly recognisable aesthetic, cottagecore is having a real vogue moment right now and whilst committing fully can feel a little intense the key elements of this must-have movement are everything we love about interiors. So where did cottagecore come from, what exactly is it and how can Coco & Wolf pieces work amongst it?
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Beautiful Bedding - Coco & Wolf

Beautiful Bedding

We spend a third of our life in bed (if we’re lucky!) so it comes as no surprise that almost all of us long for that luxurious feeling of slipping into a hotel bed night after night. Thankfully, since 2014 Coco & Wolf have been helping recreate that feeling and once you experience our beautiful bedding made with Liberty’s buttery soft Tana Lawn or sumptuous silk you’ll never want to sleep on anything else. 
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Exploring Bruton with Coco & Wolf - Coco & Wolf

Exploring Bruton with Coco & Wolf

Being just a stone’s throw from Coco & Wolf HQ, we’ve long championed Bruton for its quirks and charm. Over the last couple of years this tiny town in Southern Somerset has evolved into a firm favourite for weekends away, especially since the arrival of the sumptuous Newt, and so the time has come for us to share our local insider tips for places to stay, eat and explore in beautiful Bruton. Despite being one of the smallest towns in England, Bruton has a vibrant arts culture, plenty of fabulous places to eat and architectural gems to explore and it’s located perfectly for exploring surrounding towns and villages including independent-championing Frome, historic Bath and wonderful Wells. We’re sure you’ll fall in the love with Bruton’s vibrancy and cannot wait to hear all about your trip. 
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Summer Tipple Recipe: Peach Thyme Spritz - Coco & Wolf

Summer Tipple Recipe: Peach Thyme Spritz

Nothing quite says summer like some fabulously fruity tipples enjoyed under the early evening sun with friends. Whether you prefer something with a boozy kick or like to go alcohol-free but big on flavour we’ve got the ultimate summer delight - a Peach Thyme Spritz. Just add your favourite people and a playlist brimful of laid back tunes from Leon Bridges, Lianne Le Havas and Bonobo. 
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Six Steps Towards Sustainable Living - Coco & Wolf

Six Steps Towards Sustainable Living

While it’s never a subject far from any of our mind’s, this week’s unparalleled heatwave has inevitably encouraged the conversation around our impact on the ever-warming planet.  The tangible effect is impossible to deny and sustainable living should be at the forefront of all of our minds. When assessing our own eco endeavours many of us will wish we were doing more, and while our six steps towards sustainable living may seem small, these easy to adopt green habits could have a big impact if adopted en masse. So we’re not about to tell you to sell your car and go electric (although that would be wonderful!) but we are going to share some simple changes you could make in your life which will hopefully encourage you to adapt more and more over the coming weeks and months.

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Exclusive Print Spotlight: Betsy Hot Pink - Coco & Wolf

Exclusive Print Spotlight: Betsy Hot Pink

Betsy Hot Pink is Coco & Wolf’s brand new and exclusive Liberty fabric development. Without any doubt, Betsy is one of Liberty’s most revered prints and it is such an honour to recolour this classic and iconic print especially for our wonderful customers. With many years experience of creating complementary and striking colour palettes, our founder Amy has working alongside the multi-talented Liberty fabrics team to develop much-loved exclusive Betsy colour ways; SunflowerCandy Floss and Lavender and now Coco & Wolf proudly introduce Betsy in Hot Pink which we think it’s going to be one of your very favourites. 
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