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Coco & Wolf's new collection, Intention - Coco & Wolf

Coco & Wolf's new collection, Intention

Coco & Wolf’s new collection, Intention, celebrates an intimate approach to crafting and curating your own unique spaces; selecting beddingtable linen and homewares which are a reflection of your personal taste rather than any particular trend or aesthetic. Just as The Arts and Crafts movement contended for slow art in the midst of industrialisation, Coco and Wolf creates by the same ethos, passionately encouraging you to be intentional in creating a home full of timeless, high quality pieces which transcend time and trends with their beauty and craftsmanship. 
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Intention | New Season Prints - Coco & Wolf

Intention | New Season Prints

At Coco & Wolf we are firm believers that your personal taste triumphs all trends and our latest collection, Intention, encourages you to create unique spaces, filled with pieces which transcend time and, most importantly, reflect what brings you joy. Intention is a collection full of quietly beautiful elements, with elevated subtleties and luxurious Liberty fabrics. The prints across Liberty's masterpiece Tana Lawn cotton and iconic Silk, have a gentle nod to nature and a modern take on the ancient myths of sea and land; a visual delight of heritage florals, trailing vines and majestic peacock motifs. Within the collection we’ve given the prints room to breathe and space to ignite your imagination - how you put them together is entirely your own choice.
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Celebrating 10 years of Coco & Wolf - Coco & Wolf

Celebrating 10 years of Coco & Wolf

This autumn we are celebrating 10 wonderful years of Coco & Wolf. We can barely believe it has been a decade of creating beautiful products using Liberty’s finest fabrics - the old adage of time flying when you’re having fun really couldn’t be any more true. We couldn’t let this milestone pass without acknowledging it so we are thrilled to announce that we are celebrating our anniversary with an exclusive bedding collection. 
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Creating a Calming Workspace at Home - Coco & Wolf

Creating a Calming Workspace at Home

In the post-pandemic world, more of us than ever are now spending a large proportion of our week working from our own homes. While we’ve all adjusted to this new way of working, many of us don’t have space for a full-blown home office, instead carving out a versatile workspace which doesn’t dominate the entire room. Whether you have the luxury of a dedicated room or a desk in a living space, creating a calming workspace which encourages productivity, is conducive to concentration and is a pleasure to spend time at is a must. 
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Autumn Traditions to Celebrate the Season - Coco & Wolf

Autumn Traditions to Celebrate the Season

As each year passes and we journey through the seasons I can’t help but declare certain months my favourite. I guarantee every single May you’ll hear me utter that its the best time of year, until September arrives that is, at which point May is a distant memory and I’m swept up in the glorious golden sunshine and back to school feeling. And of course, as September slips past and the days get shorter, we naturally start anticipating autumn, in all of its russet-hued beauty. What a glorious time of year!
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Sleeptember: Hotel Worthy Beds

September has a naturally regenerative feel. The change in season is tangible and the back to school feeling is impossible to avoid. For many, it’s a good opportunity to set some intentions for the remainder of the year and it is also one of our favourite times to focus on the importance of rest, with autumn allowing us all to slow down a little. Coinciding perfectly with this, is Sleeptember, The Sleep Charity’s month-long campaign. Sleeptember focusses on helping us all get a better night’s kip and Coco & Wolf are championing it! Creating and maintaining the perfect sleep environment is essential in achieving the best possible quality sleep which is vital for our overall health and wellbeing. So let us guide you through creating not only a hotel-worthy bed, but one which is conducive to the most restorative rest possible.

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Print Spotlight: Betsy Candy Floss

There is no denying that recolouring some of Liberty's most iconic and cherished prints is a privilege. World-renowned for its historic 50,000-strong print archive and in-house studio, Liberty Fabrics is a much-revered design institution. Therefore, for Coco & Wolf to be trusted by the Liberty team to create exclusive iterations which are sympathetic to the original designs which reflect Liberty's stories heritage and century-spanning passion for art and design is a real pinch-me moment. Not only that, but our customers being as excited and inspired by the refreshed colourways as we are adds further excitement to the collaborative relationship.

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Pairing Prints - Coco & Wolf

Pairing Prints

Liberty’s beautiful and iconic prints are a fundamental element of Coco & Wolf’s DNA and whilst they work wonderfully on their own, having the confidence to pair them is brilliantly bold and not as tricky as is often anticipated. It may feel like unchartered territory for most of us, but there’s a reason some of the most triumphant interiors schemes are a confident mix of colour and pattern. Today we’re sharing our top tips for successfully pairing prints to inspire either a room refresh or totally new scheme.
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Pillow Talk: Silk Pillowcases - Coco & Wolf

Pillow Talk: Silk Pillowcases

We spend around a third of our lives in bed and, if you’re anything like me, that’s not enough. Modern day life is BUSY. Sleep problems are becoming more and more prevalent and we all want to do our bit to save the planet. The weight of it all can sometimes feel heavy on our shoulders making restful shut eye more important than ever. So, how can we buy well, sleep well and have our bed look down right gorgeous, all at the same time? Coco & Wolf bedding is how, and today we’re shining the spotlight on our favourite luxe product, silk pillowcases. 
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Focus On Sustainability | Patchwork Perfection

Sustainability is at the heart of the Coco & Wolf brand. We have a beautiful world to protect for future generations and it is our responsibility as a business and individuals to understand and be reactive to our own environmental impact. We’ve already excluded single use plastics, embraced cycling to work, reduced waste and championed eating seasonally, but we know there will always be more to do. 
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Seasonal Eating | Beetroot & Feta Tart

My youngest was invited to a friend’s birthday party recently and I have to say, I did breathe a sigh of relief when I saw it was to be hosted in their family garden rather than noisy soft play. While the chaos of a dozen four-year-old boys tearing around can’t be denied, there’s something extra lovely about a simple party with outside space to let off steam.
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A Gift For the Host: How to Wrap a Bottle - Coco & Wolf

A Gift For the Host: How to Wrap a Bottle

Summer often sees our social calendars gather pace and we love nothing more than spending extra time with friends and family on balmy summer evenings and sunny Sunday afternoons. Whether the invitation is for a BBQ or garden party, the go to gift for the host is almost always a bottle of something lovely, be it a wine, bubbles or homemade elderflower cordial. No one likes to arrive empty handed, after all. But what about those occasions where you want to add a little more effort and thanks? We’ve discovered the perfect solution and it has been very gratefully received by friends and family alike, and it also works incredibly well as an end of term teacher gift for those still head-scratching on that subject! Beautiful Liberty napkin wrapped bottles. Let us show you how.
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Weekends Away: The Coast - Coco & Wolf

Weekends Away: The Coast

Holiday season is upon us and while some will venture on planes or boats to holiday abroad, more and more of us choose to stay in the UK for a summer break. As we discussed in our last journal post, resisting the lure of the great British seaside is often futile, with memories and nostalgia drawing us in, but the UK has such a rich and varied coastline there are plenty of other options that are a little less kiss-me-quick. Staying closer to home also means a weekend away doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking, no airport queues, plane delays or language barriers and more time spent relaxing and enjoying your break. We love to spend summers by the sea with friends and family and think we’ve discovered some of the best beaches in the UK. Today, we’re sharing our secrets! 
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The Great British Seaside - Coco & Wolf

The Great British Seaside

There’s not many people, in England at least, who don’t love a trip to the seaside, all of us here at Coco & Wolf included. The country’s love of a jaunt to the beach was so immense, in fact, it inspired the instantly recognisable music hall song, “I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside”, a tune which is often still hummed even today despite being over 100 years old. As seaside resorts up and down the country continue to reinvent themselves, becoming destinations for families to have good old-fashion fun, we delve a little deeper into the spirit of the seaside and why Great Britain’s love affair with it never wanes. 
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The Great Wall of China - Coco & Wolf

The Great Wall of China

Do you find yourself with a tendency to notice something more often after noticing it for the first time? I currently have a pretty acute case of frequency illusion for decorative plates, you see a while back I started noticing them, and now I’m seeing there everywhere. Thankfully, I’m not mad about it, in fact, I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for this usually everyday object displayed decoratively and so today’s Journal post is very much an ode to the decorative plate.
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Summer Traditions to Celebrate The Season - Coco & Wolf

Summer Traditions to Celebrate The Season

With the summer solstice fast approaching, we're experiencing and enjoying the long, hazy days of summer. At Coco & Wolf we love to live in tune with the seasons and part of this, along with seasonal eating and making changes to our home, we also like to incorporate little rituals and traditions which go with the rhythm of the season. Summertime traditions are some of the loveliest, with lots of time spent outdoors, enjoying nature's abundant beauty. If you don't already have some summer traditions then now is the time to introduce them and we've got a few ideas to get you celebrating the season. 
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Summer Ready Bedrooms - Coco & Wolf

Summer Ready Bedrooms

Hasn’t it been so delightful to finally feel the sun on our faces once more? And looking at the forecast, summer may have arrived! Just as our sartorial choices reflect the season, with knitwear swapped out in favour of floral dresses and light blouses, our homes should too. One of our favourite rooms to get summer ready is the bedroom - we’re not encouraging a full overhaul, just some intentional, seasonally appropriate changes to ensure you wake up happy all summer long. Think cool-to-the-touch bedding, sanctuary like spaces and charming cushions for comfortable sunshine basking.
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Inspired by Chelsea Flower Show - Coco & Wolf

Inspired by Chelsea Flower Show

Last week we took a trip to the Royal Horticultural Society's flagship annual garden show, Chelsea Flower Show, the jewel of the horticultural world. As usual, we came away brimming with inspiration, for both Coco & Wolf and our own lives and outdoor spaces. From the most beautifully planned gardens and meticulously grown plants and blooms to bountiful ideas for gardening more sustainably and thought-provoking colour schemes, the five day event was nothing short of glorious. 
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A day out with the RHS - Coco & Wolf

A day out with the RHS

We are beyond excited for a trip to this year’s Chelsea Flower Show later this month. One of the most hotly anticipated events of the horticultural calendar, RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a hive of amazing garden designs, inspiring take-home ideas and glorious blooms. It promises to be a wonderful day out and who knows, we may even come away with inspiration for next Spring Summer’s collection of our Liberty fabric homewares!
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Coco & Wolf Handmade in England

Coco & Wolf are extremely proud that all of their pieces are handmade in England. With a rich and varied creative history, Britain often paves the way in the most high quality, luxurious and innovative design and as a brand we are continually inspired by this. Our founder Amy has always had an appreciation for British design and her background in fashion buying means she is incredibly well versed in scouting out the very best inspiration and translating it into pieces which continue the celebrated qualities of British design yet sit effortlessly in homes around the world.
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