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Choosing a favourite from Liberty’s array of exquisite prints is no easy task. Yet, since Coco & Wolf’s inception over a decade ago, one print has consistently captivated hearts worldwide: Betsy. With unparalleled versatility, classic Liberty styling and stunning colour combinations, Betsy’s timeless appeal is easy to understand. At Coco & Wolf, we not only celebrate Betsy in Liberty’s own colours but have also recoloured exclusive colour ways, creating a beautiful library of Betsy hues. From the nostalgia of Candy Floss to the verdant charm of Betsy Sage, let’s explore the colours and then find your new favourite bedding, table linen, and home accessories crafted with it.


Betsy Candy Floss

Coco & Wolf’s exclusive Candy Floss Betsy has a cheerful and nostalgic colour palette, combining a metallic blue flower alongside hints of lemon, rich teal, candy floss pink and pops of cherry. The colours instantly transport you to the seaside; think whirligigs in a riot of colour, retro kiss me quick signs, candy floss on sticks and thrilling helter-skelters at the end of wooden piers.



Betsy Lace

Betsy Lace is a luxurious neutral packed with shades of barely-there blush, pale grey and white developed exclusively for Coco & Wolf. This diffused design not only offers a contrast to Liberty’s usual colourful prints, but works triumphantly in bringing a sense of ataraxy to our favourite spaces.



Betsy Grey

The original favourite, Betsy Grey combines Wedgewood blue, blossom pink and steel grey with khaki, cherry red and mustard highlights on a white background. Its innate versatility means it works in a huge variety of schemes and alongside a multitude of other prints. We’re yet to find a Liberty print fan who doesn’t love this colour.



Betsy Deep Pink

A beautiful vibrant take on Betsy, the Deep Pink colour way features hot pink, leaf green and orange with pops of Wedgewood blue, navy blue and lemon yellow. Bright and joyous, this print is perfectly suited to summer table scapes, outdoor cushions and bedding updates. 



Betsy Sage

A bespoke recolouring, exclusively developed for Coco & Wolf’s 10th Anniversary Collection, this Sage update to the ever-versatile Betsy features pineapple yellow, sage and powder blue with pops of burnt orange and coral to create a vibrant and harmonious print.



Betsy Sunflower

Betsy Sunflower feels like sunshine on your face. It's joyful and calming yet full of optimism. Warm yellow meets flirty tones of peachy pink and coral, with a beautiful lift from contrasting sky blue and emerald green to create a bright and breezy print which will have you skipping in to summer. 



We know it probably feels like an impossible feat,  but we would love for you to share which of the beautiful Betsy's is your favourite? Let us know below or over on Instagram.

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