Coco & Wolf Autumn Winter 2021 Liberty Silks

We recently introduced you to the utterly gorgeous Liberty fabrics which make up our latest collection for Autumn Winter, but there’s an essential part of the collection you’ve not yet met… The season truly has never looked better and that is thanks to the effortless companionship offered to the Tana Lawns by our carefully curated collection of Liberty Silks. We are certain these fluid fabrics are going to become new favourites with their handcrafted accents and bold designs and today we’re showcasing them. Take delight in their luxe beauty which is easy to take for granted yet central to everything we do here at Coco & Wolf. Don’t forget to let us know your favourites!


Coco & Wolf's Autumn Winter Liberty Print Silk in Bloomsbury
A closer look at Bloomsbury

Simplified folk-style flowers appear almost camouflaged in Bloomsbury, layered over an irregularly-painted geometric background. This dynamic and bold print is based on a Liberty archive paper impression from 1965.


Coco & Wolf's Autumn Winter Liberty Print Silk in Cecil
A closer look at Cecil

Like a rich tapestry of woven flowers, Cecil is a traditional print inspired by a hand-painted artwork from the Liberty archive. With its symmetrical floral shapes and intricate botanical motifs, it is the perfect printed representation of a beautifully decorated Persian rug.


Coco & Wolf's Autumn Winter Liberty Print Silk in Betsy Candyfloss
A closer look at Betsy Candyfloss

Betsy is a stylised small floral design, created in 1933. It was designed by the mysterious designer D.S., who was behind many other favourite classic Liberty prints of the era. With pops of cherry, a metallic, powder blue flower and lemon highlights you won’t find this enchanting, exclusive colour way anywhere else in the entire world.


Coco & Wolf's Autumn Winter Liberty Print Silk in Linen Garden
A closer look at Linen Garden

Painted along a length of natural linen, this design includes poppies, calendula, flax, wallflowers, columbine, mallow, harebells, campion, pimpernel, wall lettuce and clover. Texture is added with layers of gouache, applied thickly.

"Like the much-loved Tana Lawn™ cotton, the silks produced by Liberty are the most incredible, luxury quality which have become iconic in their own right."


Coco & Wolf's Autumn Winter Liberty Print Silk in Osterley
A closer look at Osterley

Reflective of stately homes and their gardens, this trailing floral print features the bleeding-heart vine. The artwork was created using gouache, which allows for the tonal effect in the flowers.


Coco & Wolf's Autumn Winter Liberty Print Silk in Rococo Scrolls
A closer look at Rococo Scrolls

This bold geometric design takes inspiration from the scrolling decorative stonework in the Palace of Versailles. The transitional shapes are juxtaposed against modern lines and contemporary colour blocking.


Coco & Wolf's Autumn Winter Liberty Print Silk in Royal Garland
A closer look at Royal Garland

Royal Garland is a smaller-scale version of the flowers used in Stately Bouquet, featuring a scattering of elegant blooms – those most typically found within traditional Dutch floral paintings in stately homes.


Coco & Wolf's Autumn Winter Liberty Print Silk in Stately Bouquet
A closer look at Stately Bouquet
Stately Bouquet is inspired by photorealistic Dutch paintings of extravagant blooms in ornate vases, featuring flowers including striped tulips, lilies and dahlias. Painted in watercolour paints and pencils in the Liberty studio, the design is reminiscent of floral displays found in grand estate houses.


Coco & Wolf's Autumn Winter Liberty Print Silk in Tapestry
A closer look at Tapestry

Inspired by an artwork from the Liberty archive, this botanical print features trails of beautifully illustrated flowers, complemented by elegant leaves and colourfully camouflaged butterflies.


This myriad of beautiful prints will form the basis of our silk products for the season ahead so you will be seeing plenty of them. Whether you dream of resting your head on a luxury silk pillowcase or threading the gorgeous prints through your tresses, our collection won't make it easy to decide on just one design. We're already lusting after them all!

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