The Nostalgic Collection - The Prints

The Nostalgic Collection - The Prints - Coco & Wolf

Now you've had a chance to learn about our latest arrival, The Nostalgic Collection we wanted to give you some further insight into the Liberty Fabrics we've carefully selected for this season. We're sure that you'll agree every single print feels rich, decadent and timeless - a winning combination in creating family heirlooms. In true Coco & Wolf style, each of the fabrics this collection celebrates works as a standalone piece for introducing a little Liberty luxury into your home, but also cohesively with others to create perfect print pairings. This season, we also encourage you to mix the infamous Liberty Tana Lawn™ Cotton with Silk Satin for super luxe layering. 

All the fabrics used for The Nostalgic Collection can be found below. Click on an individual fabric and you'll be taken through to its profile which provides a little print history as well as inspiration for print pairings, making it as easy as possible to get to know your newest favourite Liberty fabric. Don't forget to let us know which you've fallen hardest for in the comments below!





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