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Coco & Wolf luxury Liberty fabric and striped bedlinen

Welcoming Spring Summer

Introducing Coco & Wolf’s Spring Summer collection. Characterised by brand-new luxurious Liberty stripes which harmoniously complement our signature florals and botanicals, this collection is perhaps the most versatile yet.
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New season spring summer prints

New Season Spring Summer Prints

  Each season, perhaps one of the most exciting things of all, is unveiling the brand-n...
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Pillow Talk: Silk Pillowcases - Coco & Wolf

Pillow Talk: Silk Pillowcases

We spend around a third of our lives in bed and, if you’re anything like me, that’s not enough. Modern day life is BUSY. Sleep problems are becoming more and more prevalent and we all want to do our bit to save the planet. The weight of it all can sometimes feel heavy on our shoulders making restful shut eye more important than ever. So, how can we buy well, sleep well and have our bed look down right gorgeous, all at the same time? Coco & Wolf bedding is how, and today we’re shining the spotlight on our favourite luxe product, silk pillowcases. 
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World Sleep Day | The Secrets to Quality Sleep - Coco & Wolf

World Sleep Day | The Secrets to Quality Sleep

Consistent and uninterrupted sleep is something we’re all striving for at some point. Even the best sleepers among us will have nights where the zzzs evade them.  Ahead of World Sleep Day tomorrow, Friday 15th March, we’re sharing the expert’s secrets to a blissful night’s sleep, as well as giving you unrivalled access to the most beautiful bedding in the world! Because when comfort and beauty collide, sweet dreams are guaranteed.
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Five Recipes To Make This Easter - Coco & Wolf

Five Recipes To Make This Easter

As Easter approaches, for all of us who delight in creating beautiful gatherings there is a palpable buzz of anticipation. Knowing there are opportunities to enjoy the company of your favourite people, create joyful moments for the children and dress beautiful tables is a delightful feeling, but add in spring sunshine, an unsurpassed sense of renewal, the appearance, once more, of blooming flowers and we’re in heaven. 
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Easter Table Must Haves - Coco & Wolf

Easter Table Must Haves

As the vibrant blooms of spring begin to unfurl and the sweet scent of Easter approaches, it's time to prepare for one of the most delightful traditions of the season: gathering around the table for a joyous feast. Easter tables hold a special place in our hearts, a place where family, friends and delectable delights come together in harmony without the stress so often associated with Christmas. What better way to elevate the celebrations than by adorning your Easter table with the charm of Coco & Wolf’s luxurious table linen? In this journal post, we delve into the art of creating stunning Easter tablescapes, where the luxurious touch of Coco & Wolf's tableclothsplacematsrunners, and napkins transform your celebrations into moments of unparalleled beauty and joy.
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How To Make a Living Wreath this Spring - Coco & Wolf

How To Make a Living Wreath this Spring

We are delighted that the tradition of wreaths has evolved beyond just Christmas, with seasonal wreaths now adorning doors throughout the year. By the time spring is on the horizon, we’re often desperate to see some form of natural life, celebrating when snowdrops pop up beneath trees and blossom buds appear on trees, which is why spring wreaths have to be our absolute favourite. They mark a joyful end to winter and an opportunity to embrace the beauty and vibrancy of the season. 
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Print Spotlight: Linen Garden - Coco & Wolf

Print Spotlight: Linen Garden

Inevitably there are some Liberty prints which steal our hearts; given their inextricable beauty it is no real surprise! Betsy often finds itself heralded as a favourite and it’s no secret that Coco & Wolf founder Amy will always have a soft spot for Lodden. Recently though, there’s a new print which has won over a legion of fans worldwide and that is Linen Garden. 
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A Winter Retreat - Coco & Wolf

A Winter Retreat

As February rolls around, we're feeling an undeniable yearning for a winter retreat, a desire to escape the routine and embrace the season's charms with a weekend getaway. The allure of cosy accommodation, crackling fires and serene landscapes beckons us to retreat and relax. With this in mind, we've curated a selection of our favourite destinations across the UK, each offering a unique blend of relaxation and luxury. From decadent countryside retreats to enchanting shepherd's huts and tree houses, nestled amidst nature reserves and woodlands, often complete with log burners and outside baths. These idyllic retreats promise a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life - the chance to indulge - in spa treatments, savouring farm-to-table cuisine or simply basking in the beauty of winter's embrace.
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Mother's Day Gifts She Will Love - Coco & Wolf

Mother's Day Gifts She Will Love

With all of us dreaming of spring it’s time to start planning for those celebrations which punctuate the season. First comes Mother’s Day (this year falling on 10th March in the UK), a wonderful chance to celebrate all the wonderful women who bring a loving, mothering touch to our lives. While quality time together nearly always tops a mum’s wishlist, you’re probably reading this because you would like to spoil her with something she wouldn’t ordinarily treat herself to and a Mother's Day gift she will love.
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How To Recreate a Turndown Service at Home - Coco & Wolf

How To Recreate a Turndown Service at Home

Long winter nights are a wonderful excuse to indulge in early bedtimes and catch up on some rest and while sneaking away to a hotel for a weekend may be the ultimate treat, we are big believers in everyday joy, too. Styling our sleep spaces to emulate the comfort of hotel bedrooms isn’t exactly groundbreaking but we also encourage you to luxuriate in the self-care rituals so often only experienced when staying away from home, namely the turndown service. 
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Homemade Natural Skincare Recipes for January Pampering - Coco & Wolf

Homemade Natural Skincare Recipes for January Pampering

January with its long dark nights and chilly days often means we all spend more time than ever at home. But that needn’t be a bad thing! In the post-festive period, where we tend to crave nourishment both in the form of delicious, nutritious food and skincare to quench our parched skin, hunker down at home and indulge in a little pampering. And what better way to do that with some homemade natural skincare, free of unknown nasties, easy to make and a great way to create spa treatments in the comfort of your own home. We’re sharing two of our favourite natural skincare recipes which will leave your skin glowing as well as our top tips for creating a tranquil, serene bathroom, perfect for pampering. 
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A Fresh Take on January Blues - Coco & Wolf

A Fresh Take on January Blues

Despite only being a couple of weeks ago, Christmas and the festive season now feels like a distant memory while the world seemingly basks in a new year haze of positive affirmations and resolution-making. If previous years are anything to go by, however, it won’t be long before the phrase January blues starts being batted around again and we’re all told we are probably feeling in a post-festive slump, missing the twinkling lights and gathering of loved ones. Frankly, the juxtaposition of these should-be feelings can be a little confusing. 
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Pantone's Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz - Coco & Wolf

Pantone's Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz

The arrival of a new year is concurrent with the announcement of Pantone’s Colour of the Year and this January is no different! As the leading global colour authority, Pantone celebrates the 25th anniversary of this yearly anticipated announcement by heralding Peach Fuzz as the hue that will influence brands, trends and industries for the year ahead.

A quietly sophisticated colour with contemporary ambience, Peach Fuzz is warm, nurturing and enriching and a dramatic contrast to last year’s, Viva Magenta. Described by Pantone as a shade which “captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others” it is a velvety gentle peach tone which effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.
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Inspiring Interiors: Louise Roe - Coco & Wolf

Inspiring Interiors: Louise Roe

In the latest from our Inspiring Interiors series we caught up with author, fashion journalist, TV host and mum, Louise Roe. There’s a charming and unique eclecticism about Louise's home style and genuinely, we look forward to every. single. thing she posts on Instagram, whether that’s sharing her own home style or the interiors which inspire her. In a beautiful contrast to the often very modern and pared back interiors showcased on social media, Louise’s aesthetic is a celebration of maximalism and, something incredibly close to our Coco & Wolf hearts, patternity. Today we chat about Louise's return to the English countryside after a decade in LA, how her interior style has evolved and the approach towards her latest renovation project, a beautiful old English farmhouse.
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Caring for your Liberty Fabric Bedding - Coco & Wolf

Caring for your Liberty Fabric Bedding

There truly is nothing lovelier than slipping into a clean bed on a Sunday evening. In our house it has become something of a ritual - hairwashes, fresh pyjamas (gently warmed on radiators in the winter), clean bedding and early nights - always a great night’s sleep, guaranteed. And while Coco & Wolf’s Liberty fabric bedding is handmade to last, a little love and attention when it comes to caring for your bed linen goes a long way in preserving its heirloom quality and ensuring bed change day always feels like a treat, never a chore.
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Merry Christmas from Coco & Wolf - Coco & Wolf

Merry Christmas from Coco & Wolf

Coco & Wolf would like to wish all of our amazing customers and their families a glorious Christmas and a prosperous new year.
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Our Favourite Christmas Activities - Coco & Wolf

Our Favourite Christmas Activities

With school breakups on the horizon and the countdown to Christmas truly on if you haven't already embraced some Christmas activities now is the time! But here's the thing, we're flying the flag for the more simple Christmas activities. This isn't about spending a fortune and booking things in July but activities which gently ease us into the Christmas spirit. Even the simple act of favourite Christmas songs providing the perfect playlist or unapologetically snuggling down for a Christmas film can be heartwarming and fill up your cup. Below we've covered almost everything which forms part of our own Christmas traditions - things which bring us delight at this time of year which is always full of joy but often a little smidge of overwhelm, too.
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Creating an Elegant Christmas Table - Coco & Wolf

Creating an Elegant Christmas Table

There’s no better time of the year to flex your table styling skills than Christmas. Whether you’re hosting the whole family for a festive feast or an intimate yuletide gathering, the table plays a key part in the festivities and there’s little doubt you will want it to be both memorable and beautiful. This year we’ve created an elegant table full of festive texture, delight and details to inspire the dressing of your own Christmas table. A base collection of luxurious table linen which can be mixed and matched for different occasions means all you really need to think about is seasonal accessories and bringing out pieces which you might not use every day such as candles, cutlery and glassware, but if you truly are starting from scratch, you can rely on Coco & Wolf.
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Christmas Shopping at Liberty - Coco & Wolf

Christmas Shopping at Liberty

Shopping online offers us the world’s best products at our fingertips, 24 hours a day which is undeniably convenient, BUT there is still something extra special about doing some of your Christmas shopping in physical stores. The hustle and bustle, the Christmas songs, the blast of cold air as you leave the shops laden with carrier bags... We like to make a day of it with friends or family, with a lunch pit stop to assess what’s left on the list and, of course, if we’re in London there’s a one-stop shop to get everything crossed off your list. Today we’re sharing our insider's guide to Christmas Shopping at London’s most lavish emporium and iconic department store, Liberty. Here are 5 spots you simply can’t miss…
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