Autumn Traditions to Celebrate the Season

Autumn Traditions to Celebrate the Season - Coco & Wolf



As each year passes and we journey through the seasons I can’t help but declare certain months my favourite. I guarantee every single May you’ll hear me utter that its the best time of year, until September arrives that is, at which point May is a distant memory and I’m swept up in the glorious golden sunshine and back to school feeling. And of course, as September slips past and the days get shorter, we naturally start anticipating autumn, in all of its russet-hued beauty. What a glorious time of year!

Embracing the rhythms of the season means we can be more mindful, aware of the ever-changing landscape and appreciative of the simple things in life. Incorporating seasonal eating and changes to your home are both things you likely do anyway, but doing them mindfully allows you to really be present and enjoy the time and energy dedicated to them. If you’re still honing your own celebration of autumn, let these traditions and rituals inspire you. 


Capture Your Summer Memories

We spend our life creating memories, whether they're big, life-changing moments or the small, everyday things which when remembered bring a smile creeping across our face. And in this modern age, we’re often capturing lots of those memories with our phones but they’re far too precious to stay on a screen! Savour your favourite moments of the season passed by creating a gorgeous photo book and enjoy the entire process from curating the collection of images to reliving the memories with a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon. If you’re particularly sentimental and like keeping things like ticket stubs, lunchbox notes and cards then a scrap-book is also a lovely thing to spend time creating; my children love doing this on a cosy Sunday afternoon. Don’t forget - while you’re making your photo book, print your absolute favourites and update the frames around your home.


Enjoy Golden Hour

Make time in early autumn to enjoy golden hour walks with your favourite people. Prioritising getting outside and spending face-to-face time with friends and family is guaranteed to boost your mood and is a wonderful way of enjoying the seasonal changes in nature. I use this site to find out when the sun will be making everything look all the more beautiful.


Celebrate the season with Coco & Wolf


Savour The Harvest

One of autumn’s biggest perks is the bountiful hedgerows and abundant seasonal produce which makes eating seasonally easier than ever. The harvest festival need not stop there; celebrate the season by making homemade Christmas (sorry!!!) gifts now. Hedgerow flavoured gins and chutneys to accompany cheeseboards are both brilliant things to while away some time making and will develop incredible flavours by the depths of winter. The seasonal bounty extends beyond food too, with beautiful dahlias also looking their best in September! We're displaying bunches around the house in blush, apricot and mustard tones. 


Release Your Inner Monty Don

Autumn is a beautiful time to spend in the garden. Earlier in the season you will still be able to enjoy some colour and interest and hopefully some warm evenings will mean dining alfresco doesn’t have to be halted altogether. As the season continues, embrace the sense of renewal by clearing back weeds, giving the garden a really good tidy and preparing your spring bulbs - a little care and attention now will be rewarded at the end of a long winter. I like to make a real activity of it, inviting friends over for a morning of creating bulb lasagnes before a slice of homemade cake, but there’s no rules against spending time enjoying autumn in the garden on your own too. 


Other Small Ways to Celebrate the Season

  • Take in September's full Harvest Moon which will appear just after sunset on Thursday 28th September.

  • Hedgerow foraging - we’re picking damsons in September.

  • Change over your wardrobe, hand wash knitwear before de-bobbling to make it look good as new. 

  • Make seasonal updates at home - indulge in some new candles in warm scents, add quilts to the end of beds and change your cushions. 


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