Christmas Gift Guide: Toys

At Coco & Wolf we believe in great craftsmanship. Every piece that is handmade in our studio is done with huge amounts of care and attention to detail. To compliment our products we have sourced some truly beautiful heirloom quality toys. Let imaginations run wild, excite imaginary play and instil a sense of calm with soft muted colours and flashes of Liberty print.

From the softest and sweetest of creatures to the most stylish dolls beds and of course, Liberty print bedding, we hope you like our selection.

Coco & Wolf Smallstuff Dolls Crib & Maileg Rabbit

Maileg Dinosaur in Egg GantosaurusMaileg WolfMaileg Big Brother MouseMaileg Marcus Rabbit
Smallstuff Rosaline Dolls Cot WhiteSmallstuff Dolls Pram Natural WickerJones & Parker Dolls House Bed WhiteThicket & Thimble Fenella Fawn Liberty Print Poppy & Daisy
Liberty Print Dolls Blanket Betsy GreyLiberty Print Dolls Blanket Wild Flowers
Maileg Sally RabbitMaileg Soft BunnyMaileg Mini Bunny GirlMaileg Micro Bunny in Waistcoat
Liberty Print Dolls Bedding Set Betsy Grey

Gantosaurus in Egg £28.50 | Wolf £20 | Big Brother Mouse £14 | Marcus Rabbit £28
Rosaline Dolls Cot £80 | Wicker Pram £95
Dolls House Bed £50 | Fenella Fawn £130

Dolls Blanket Betsy £18 | Dolls Blanket Wild Flowers £18
Sally Rabbit £68 | Soft Bunny £22 | Bunny Girl £20 | Bunny in Waistcoat £18
Liberty Print Dolls Bedding Set Betsy £38

Jones & Parker Toys Dolls House Bed Maileg Rabbit & Liberty Print Baby Blanket Wild Flowers

Smallstuff Natural Wicker Dolls Pram Coco & Wolf Liberty Print Children's clothes

Happy Shopping!
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