Spotlight on Christmas Stockings

By the time Christmas Eve arrives excitement levels are peaking, the bubbles are flowing and, if you’re one of the more organised amongst us, then the potatoes may even be peeled. Alongside this excitement, the night before Christmas is the time to add the final festive flourish to our homes and uphold one of the most cherished traditions of all time; hanging up the stockings. 


Here at Coco & Wolf we adore all things merry and the maximalist tendencies encouraged by Christmas so our festive collection would never have been complete without beautiful Liberty fabric stockings. A far cry from the simple sock of the tradition’s origins, there’s not a mantel in the world that won’t be all the more dazzling thanks to our stockings' presence. Available in an array of stunning Liberty fabrics and with personalisation available (the ultimate Christmas treat) we can’t promise deciding on just one will be easy!

Liberty print fabric stocking by Coco & Wolf hanging up on Christmas Eve.

Liberty print stockings by Coco & Wolf


It goes without saying that every stocking starts with an orange in the toe - the traditional gift representative of gold sent down the chimney by St Nicholas which landed in socks, warming by the fire. There was a time when waking to find citrus fruits from far flung places in your stocking was considered a real luxury, and it feels only right that stockings should still have a little luxury tucked alongside the usual chocolate coins, sugar mice and other festive family favourites. And you need look no further as little luxuries are Coco & Wolf's speciality. From bow adorned socks for the littlest people to hot water bottle covers, silk pillowcases, must-have hair scrunchies and beautiful bedding - there's something for all of your loved ones in our ready to ship stocking filler selection

Liberty print fabric Christmas stockings
Don't forget, the last order date for guaranteed UK Christmas delivery is 20th November 2020.  


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