Creating a Calming Workspace at Home

Creating a Calming Workspace at Home - Coco & Wolf


In the post-pandemic world, more of us than ever are now spending a large proportion of our week working from our own homes. While we’ve all adjusted to this new way of working, many of us don’t have space for a full-blown home office, instead carving out a versatile workspace which doesn’t dominate the entire room. Whether you have the luxury of a dedicated room or a desk in a living space, creating a calming workspace which encourages productivity, is conducive to concentration and is a pleasure to spend time at is a must. 

With September’s arrival comes that glorious back-to-school feeling, with fresh starts, a regenerative feel and an inclination to get organised. While we’re not all partaking in a new pencil case, giving your workspace a shake-up will give you all the same feelings and you may even be able to indulge in some new stationery shopping! 


Calming workspaces at home with Coco & Wolf


Coco & Wolf’s Calming Workspace Tips

Make It Comfortable

There is a lot of emphasis on making the spaces we relax comfortable, a bed, an armchair, your sofa… and we’re firm believers in extending that notion to your workspace. You are spending a lot of time there after all. A luxurious Liberty fabric cushion on your chair not only looks beautiful and adds personality but also offers comfort and softness. 


Posture is Everything

Your workspace has to successfully mix functionality and form and while we all love the pretty touches, by investing in the basics you will ensure working at home doesn’t negatively impact your body in the long term. An ergonomic chair and desk at the right height are just as important as a laptop stand, keyboard and mouse. Understanding the best positions and heights to work out will ensure no unnecessary stress and strain on your body.


Decorative Details which Make you Happy

Decorative details are what will transform your workspace from a very practical and uninspiring place to an area in your home which is uplifting to spend time in and sparks creativity. Curate a small selection of things which truly bring you joy - two or three is ample to stop the space feeling cluttered. A placemat in your favourite Liberty fabric beneath your laptop adds texture and design, while personal photos in conversational frames and beautiful blooms will be sure to bring a smile to your face during every Zoom call. 


Have a Home for Everything

Keeping spaces tidy instantly means they will be effortlessly more calming, and when those spaces are on show in your kitchen, living room or even bedroom it is more important than ever to keep them uncluttered and tidy when you finish work for the day. Find a home for everything, especially your technology equipment. Box files for loose paperwork mean drawers remain free for laptops, keyboards and wires.


Calming workspace details and tips from Coco & Wolf


Working remotely doesn't need to negatively impact on your home's style. Rather than trying to hide away your workspace, use Coco & Wolf's tip for creating a calming workspace which is stylish and practical. We would love to hear your tips for creating a calming workspace - let us know in the comments below!

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