Seeing Stripes

Seeing Stripes - Coco & Wolf


Our Spring Summer collection is centred around the beautiful harmony created when stripes and florals come together. With a sustained focus on contemporary design, the introduction of stripes creates a real artistic sensibility throughout the entire collection and the feedback we have had has been truly overwhelming. It seems stripes truly have stolen everyone’s hearts!

So why are we all seeing stripes? The reason we love them so much is the versatility they offer. They can be incorporated into various design schemes and work alongside a multitude of other patterns from small-scale ditsy florals to larger botanicals, effortlessly. Stripes also add dynamic visual interest without overwhelming the senses, making them a timeless choice that can be easily adapted to suit personal preferences and evolving styles. 


Coco & Wolf’s New Stripes

Each of Coco & Wolf’s new stripes have been introduced to complement the other Liberty fabric pieces you’ve already got in your homes. From hand-drawn pinstripes to striking variegated stripes, all are printed on Liberty’s much-loved fabric bases, ensuring the quality and craftsmanship you rely on Coco & Wolf to deliver remains prevalent throughout. 



Seeing Stripes in Interiors

With stripes having such a timeless enduring appeal, there is a quiet confidence to be taken from introducing them into your home. It also feels effortless, you don’t have to overthink them, you know they’re going to work and never date. We’ve been loving exploring stripes on everything from tiles and wallpapers to ceramics and garden accessories. 


Seeing Stripes in Fashion

The best qualities of stripes transcend both design and fashion. Their timeless appeal and inherent versatility makes them a classic choice when it comes to fashion, while they also effortlessly add dimension and interest to garments, creating dynamic silhouettes and flattering lines. Whether bold or subtle, stripes transcends trends, allowing them to remain relevant season after season. 


The Ultimate Stripe Inspiration

Will you be adding beautiful stripes to your home this season or are they already a staple of your interior and fashion choices? We're looking forward to adding a striped parasol to the garden which is already looking beautiful with our Liberty fabric outdoor cushions

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