The Essential Guide to Picnics

What is going on with the weather? One minute we were digging out our flip flops and Summer dresses (Coco & Wolf of course) and the next it was back on with woolly hats and thick coats.  Fear not, rumour has it (and the weather man is never wrong are they) that we are in for a sunny, hot Summer.

We are so excited to have designed some picnic blankets with Liberty print fabric, new to Coco & Wolf for Summer 2019. Each blanket is made here in Somerset by our incredible team of seamstresses.  

coco and wolf liberty print outdoor picnic blanket

I wanted the blankets to be easy to carry and the handles not only go over your shoulder should you so wish with they are a feature and are made out of the Liberty print fabric on the front of the picnic blanket.  The base of the blanket is made from the best quality water resistant oilcloth and with a soft padded lining they are the perfect accessories for your picnic.

liberty print picnic blanket coco and wolf

What are the essentials for a picnic? We love our hamper from Fortnum & Mason whilst being an investment at first it is full of everything you needs for a meal outdoors. The traditional wicker basket is perfect to fill up with our favourite local foods wherever you are.

The Emiko range from Habitat is made from bamboo and is a classic set to buy. We also added a few of the Hemingway Design Accent Plates  into a recent Ocado shop.

Picnics can be as simple or fancy as you like. Sometimes a couple of baguettes, some olives, cheeses and cold meats are the best kind of picnics.  The Ottolenghi book Simple has incredible salads and we use this to make up a few for our picnics to feel that little more special.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about our new picnic blankets.

Do let us know which one is your favourite and tag us in your photos on Instagram, we love to see them in location.


amy hemmings-batt

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