The Seasonal Shift

The Seasonal Shift - Coco & Wolf

With the clocks changing, ground warming and bulbs coming to life, it feels like the perfect time to consider a seasonal shift in our homes. This doesn’t need to be a huge project, it could be a couple of quiet hours on a Sunday morning, or a few small focusses to add structure to otherwise groundhog day like days. It’s important to remember that this time doesn’t have to mark the reinvention of the wheel, whatever your headspace allows for right now, do that. If it doesn’t allow for anything, then so be it, and without guilt!

In the past couple of uncertain weeks we’ve found that being continually in the same spaces feels incredibly comforting but we are also ready for some small changes to keep our spaces feeling fresh, homely and safe, especially now Spring has sprung. Here’s some of the things we’ve been doing to embrace the seasonal shift at home incase you need a little inspiration.

Seasonal Textures

In Autumn and Winter the ultimate goal is cosy and whilst Spring usually sees us striving for fresh and light the current situation calls for comfort and cosiness at home is an important part of that. Don’t pack away the blankets all together, just change dark, heavy blankets for a lighter texture. We’ve kept the velvet sofa cushions for the time being but will switch out to linen later in the season; it feels incredibly grown up having two sets of sofa cushions but it’s an easy way to update your living area affordably. Swapping heavy curtains for a lighter fabric isn’t for everyone (we’re looking at you black out fans), but for Spring linen curtains create a gorgeous glow across the room as the sun rises. 

Pillowcase Update

Naturally, our favourite seasonal update is switching up the pillowcases! You might be fancying something entirely new, or pull out the fabrics you’ve not seen for a while. Either way, it’s a super affordable yet effective way to update your bedrooms with a new colour or texture combination. For a treat, a pair of Liberty Tana Lawn® cotton pillowcases is the ultimate bedtime comfort and for extra luxury you could add silk - you can shop the Coco & Wolf collection here. 

Stack of Liberty fabric products by Coco & Wolf


Home is our safe place, it provides comfort and appeals to every sense so considering the scents within our home when we’re embracing the seasonal shift is a quick win. Again, here we’re often hankering after a fresh and light atmosphere come Spring so alternate home fragrances, pack away those spice smells and use candles, essential oils and fabric conditioners with new smells for Spring. You’ll thank yourself for wiping over the radiators with a few drops of zesty grapefruit essential oil on a cloth once the heating cranks on. Also, now more than ever, fill your home with scents which also reduce anxiety or help you relax - we’re particularly enjoying rose and geranium for the evening. 

Surround Yourself with Things You Love

Flowers. Coffee table books. Pictures of the family you’re missing. Your granny’s tea set which is packed away in the loft. Get them out! Now is the time to surround yourself with the things you love. Bookshelf aesthetics shouldn’t win over a collection of your literary loves. And why are you saving that tea set for best? A cup of tea out of your favourite tea cup will always taste better. Curating a beautiful collection is easy when it’s full of the things you love. 

What are you doing around your home to embrace Spring? We’d love to add some of your ideas to our list. 

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