Exclusive Print Spotlight: Betsy Lace


When you think of Liberty fabrics your mind may naturally wander to bold shades, conversational prints and eye-catching florals. And while thankfully there are plenty of these show stopping Liberty fabrics which we all know and love, we know there is also a special place in many of our hearts and homes for a luxurious and artful neutral. Over the past few years Coco & Wolf have been working closely with the Liberty fabrics team to develop and recolour many of the much-loved fabrics to create brand new colour ways, often reacting to customer’s desires. After the success of Michelle in Sand back in 2021 it was time to create another pale and interesting print and this time it was ever-favourite Betsy’s turn for a reimagining.


About Betsy Lace

The original Betsy print is a tightly-knit floral design, developed by the enigmatic D.S in the 1930s. It is often heralded as one of Liberty’s most adored house patterns - iconic, if you will. Our Coco & Wolf customers are no different, embracing each iteration of Betsy we have developed and recoloured, including Candy Floss, Sunflower and Aubergine.  

Betsy Lace is a luxurious neutral packed with shades of barely-there blush, pale grey and white developed exclusively for Coco & Wolf. We’ve had it printed on Liberty’s classic Tana Lawn™ cotton which has exceptional luminosity and lends itself beautifully to the soft tones and pretty florals. 

You will find Betsy Lace across a variety of Coco & Wolf’s Liberty fabric bedding, table linen and homewares as well as being able to buy it by the meter via our supplies site for your own projects. 


Pairing Betsy Lace

Just one of the many reasons we have developed another artful neutral is the way the use of colour has evolved. We have seen a huge shift in people’s confidence in using colour in their homes, and while people embrace bold shades on a large scale it highlights the need for beautiful neutral accessories. Betsy Lace not only offers a contrast to Liberty’s usual colourful prints, but it works effortlessly in bringing a sense of ataraxy to our favourite spaces. Of course, there will be some of you reading who love a more muted and delicate look, and versatile Betsy Lace works beautifully with Katie & Millie Pink and Capel Grey to create a collection of diffused and delightful prints. 


Betsy Lace print pairing by Coco & Wolf


Is this lovely Lace colour way the latest reinterpretation of Betsy you can’t live without? Has the new neutral made your heart sing? We sincerely hope so! 

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