Championing Organic

Championing Organic


With the coronation of King Charles III just a couple of weeks away we’ve been enjoying taking a look back at some of the achievements of his life so far and it is impossible to ignore the King’s long standing passion for environmental causes. Many of Charles’ years have been spent advocating the benefits of organic farming and gardening and protecting the environment. 

In 1985, the then Prince Charles converted Home Farm, part of the gardens of his Georgian Cotswolds estate, Highgrove House, to fully organic farming, with the Duchy Originals food and drink brand emerging five years later. Using pioneering biodynamic agricultural techniques, Home Farm became a cornerstone of sustainable and organic farming and, despite initial scepticism, a significant number of farms have since been influenced by King Charles’ modern approach and subsequently switched to organic agriculture. 


King Charles III Championing Organic Farming and Gardening

In farming, as in gardening, I happen to believe that if you treat the land with love and respect (in particular, respect for the idea that it has an almost living soul, bound up in the mysterious, everlasting cycles of nature) then it will repay you in kind.-  King Charles III


As well as championing organic farming, His Majesty The King Charles III is perhaps our most green-fingered monarch to date. His love of gardening began as a child, and the gardens he has influenced at royal residencies embody his passion for nature, organic principles and flowers. King Charles takes great pride in his gardens and the public can enjoy his efforts by visiting his Highgrove gardens. 


Why Organic?

Simply put, championing organic is all about future proofing our beautiful planet for generations to come. Embracing organic means minimising any negative impacts from our being, creating and producing and it is a change that more and more of us are making in our day to day life. As well as on a personal level, an ever increasing numbers of brands and businesses are embracing a more sustainable way of thinking. 


Coco & Wolf and Liberty Organic Fabrics

Coco & Wolf share King Charles’ passion for protecting his environment, and thankfully Liberty do too. Tana Lawn™ Cotton, developed in the 1930s, is Liberty’s brand legend fabric and decades on Liberty have now respun this much-loved fabric into an organic, future-proof version that Coco & Wolf are proud to use across their bedding and homewares. Liberty’s Organic Tana Lawn™ cotton adheres to strict environmental and social guidelines to be certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), from the harvesting of the raw fibre, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labelling in order to provide credible assurance to end consumers. Liberty’s organic fibres are responsibly grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs, following the principles of organic agriculture to sustain the health of our ecosystems, just as His Majesty King Charles champions on his own farms and gardens. 


 Liberty’s Organic Tana Lawn™ cotton


Coco & Wolf currently stock and work with Liberty’s Organic Tana Lawn™ Cotton in Wiltshire, Betsy Citrus, Mitsi, and Donna Leigh. Want to find out more about Coco & Wolf’s focus on sustainability? Read Patchwork Perfection, Liberty's Organic Tana Lawn™ and Six Steps Towards Sustainable Living.

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