Liberty's Organic Tana Lawn™

Liberty's Organic Tana Lawn™ - Coco & Wolf

Our obsession with Liberty fabric began when falling in love with the lustrous and inimitable Tana Lawn™ cotton. It’s silk-like feel, colour vibrancy and print range is nothing short of beguiling and it’s easy to see why it’s been heralded as one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world since it’s conception in the 1930s. Tana Lawn™ changed the textile industry forever and remains a cherished aspect of Liberty’s heritage today. Coco & Wolf championed this smooth plain weave for years before introducing Liberty’s iconic Silk to our range, and now we’re thrilled to add the latest offering from the fabrics team, Organic Tana Lawn™ cotton.

Organic tana lawn being printed at Liberty's Italian printing mill

The organic GOTS-certified iteration of the original modern masterpiece is beautifully warm and soft touch, combining rich fluidity with vibrant print quality. Printed at the Liberty Printing Mill, a stone’s throw from Lake Como, it is prepared using a slightly different bespoke process and the production is overseen at every stage by a team of skilled technicians. Alongside this, the process is also verified and certified at every stage of the supply chain to meet with Global Organic Textile Standard requirements – from growing and spinning, to bleaching, mercerising and printing, and all the way to final finishing and packaging.

The result is a new masterpiece of fabric technology. Liberty’s Organic Tana Lawn™ has lustrous form which sits beautifully next to the brand legend, Tana Lawn™. We’re thrilled to be creating a range of our stunning Coco & Wolf products in this brand new fabric and of course, continuing to use the wonderful original, too. Whilst both will remain a  process which continually evolves as Liberty refines its methods and works with new technologies there is one constant and that’s how beloved these fabrics truly are.

Organic Tana Lawn by Liberty fabrics

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