Sleeptember: Hotel Worthy Beds

Sleeptember: Hotel Worthy Beds


September has a naturally regenerative feel. The change in season is tangible and the back to school feeling is impossible to avoid. For many, it’s a good opportunity to set some intentions for the remainder of the year and it is also one of our favourite times to focus on the importance of rest, with autumn allowing us all to slow down a little. Coinciding perfectly with this, is Sleeptember, The Sleep Charity’s month-long campaign. Sleeptember focusses on helping us all get a better night’s kip and Coco & Wolf are championing it! Creating and maintaining the perfect sleep environment is essential in achieving the best possible quality sleep which is vital for our overall health and wellbeing. So let us guide you through creating not only a hotel-worthy bed, but one which is conducive to the most restorative rest possible.


Hotel Worthy Beds: The Bedding

The most luxurious hotel beds all have one thing in common; the best bedding. Your bed is by far the most significant element of a good night’s rest so paying attention to the basics is our number one rule. Bedding should be made of natural fibres which will help you regulate your temperature, no one wants to be too hot or too cold in bed. It should also be soft to touch and an absolute joy to dive into. At Coco & Wolf we not only create bedding which will look beautiful but we understand the impact of bed linen on your sleep. All of our Liberty fabric sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases is crafted from Tana Lawn cotton or Silk to ensure you will get a restful and comfortable night’s sleep, while feeling luxurious to the touch. Choose prints which bring you joy and are a pleasure to wake up in, while scalloped edges, ruffles, embroidery and piped edges all add a lovely touch of character. 


Beautiful Liberty print bedding to create a hotel-worthy bed

Hotel Worthy Beds: The Layers

Layers are a foolproof way to add texture and pattern to your bed, but they also serve a purpose in helping on those changing-season nights. A blanket, quilt or throw at the foot of the bed can serve as a great layer to pull up when chilly, or equally if it is too warm for your usual duvet, throw it off and use the extra layer alone to stay comfortable. The extra layer also helps ensure your bed looks beautifully inviting, an essential part of creating a sanctuary-like environment in your bedroom. We love mixing Liberty prints to create sumptuous contrast, so pick different fabrics for your bedding and throws. 


Hotel Worthy Beds: The Pillows And Cushions

Knowing the difference the first step. Sleeping pillows are an area in which we encourage you to splurge; good quality pillows which will retain their shape, offer good support and keep you comfortable are an investment you will never regret. There’s a plethora of fillings available and what you choose really is down to personal preference - The Sleep Charity advise a combination, which certainly feels very hotel-like, although you probably won’t need a pillow menu at home! Dress your pillows in your favourite Coco & Wolf pillowcases and drift off into a serene slumber.

Cushions on the other hand sometimes get a bad rep, but they really aren’t just a decorative touch. If you like a sit up and read in bed or enjoy a restful start to the day with a hot cup of something then you will need something to envelope you and prop you up. All of Coco & Wolf’s sumptuous cushions are made with Liberty print Tana Lawn®, silky soft cotton, Liberty print silk and luxury linen and all can be purchased with a duck feather filling which is perfect for creating a cloud-like base. Choose a mix of shapes and sizes to create balance and harmony both visually and in comfort.


Liberty print cushions and pillowcases by Coco & Wolf


What changes will you be making to your bedroom this September? Are you embracing the change of the season and introducing some different textures, fabrics or prints? Tell us in the comments below.

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