Print Spotlight: Linen Garden

Print Spotlight: Linen Garden - Coco & Wolf


Inevitably there are some Liberty prints which steal our hearts; given their inextricable beauty it is no real surprise! Betsy often finds itself heralded as a favourite and it’s no secret that Coco & Wolf founder Amy will always have a soft spot for Lodden. Recently though, there’s a new print which has won over a legion of fans worldwide and that is Linen Garden. 


Linen Garden Design & Colours

In the 1920s, Liberty began to produce ditsy floral, paisley & abstract prints that became known as ‘Liberty Prints’. Fast forward 100 years and the print production is still going strong, with the design team often delving into the archives to create new and exciting iterations. These often become the next generation of Liberty icons, and Linen Garden is definitely that.

In our opinion, one of the reasons Linen Garden has become such a treasured print is the larger scale botanical design. Liberty is synonymous with ditsy florals, of course, but Linen Garden gives a completely different joyful garden-inspired look. The print is unique in that the Linen Garden design was originally painted along a length of natural linen with texture added from layers of thickly applied gouache paint. Linen Garden is a riot of flora, including poppies, calendula, flax, wallflowers, columbine, mallow, harebells, campion, pimpernel, wall lettuce and clover.

Linen Garden Colour Palette

Linen Garden has a beautiful rainbow-like palette, effortlessly mixing luxurious jewel-like tones with delicate shades of every colour from pink and green to lemon and lavender. 

Linen Garden Fabric

Coco & Wolf currently works with Linen Garden on Liberty’s famous masterpiece, Tana Lawn cotton. This fabric is built by obsession, perfected through a bespoke process that has evolved over a century. Printed in Liberty’s own print mill in northern Italy, Tana Lawn cotton realises unmatchable fluidity with a silk-like touch, unique print quality and striking colour vibrancy.

Tana Lawn is made from specially selected ultra-fine long staple cotton and subjected to a lengthy series of preparations to ensure its distinctive qualities. Named after Lake Tana in Ethiopia, where its unique long-staple cotton fibres originated, it has a thread count of 240.


Linen Garden Bedroom


You will find Linen Garden across a variety of Coco & Wolf’s Liberty fabric beddingtable linen and homewares, as well as via Liberty.


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